Who Rules the Nations?

The Controllers demand their loyalists play their assigned roles. Sometimes their role includes failure or a loss. In the instance of Saddam Hussein vs the Ayatollah Khomeini (Iran Iraq War), the head Controller wanted Hussein to lose. It didn’t work out that way. But now, Iran has substantial influence in the Shia led Iraqi government. Just think if one owned Persia you could recreate the “beast from the East” and really get people worked up!

By putting cooperative or loyal souls where they please, and guiding them to power, they can rule the nations. This strategy makes empires easier to create. If they could gain control of South Korea with one of their puppets it would be much easier for North Korea to successfully invade.

Consider General Hans Guderian’s plan to launch his main assault on France through the Ardennes. Despite historians testimony it was far from daring, it was foolhardy. There is no way it should have succeeded. The traffic jam of German vehicles trying to enter the Ardennes should have been ripped apart by French bombers. There was plenty of time for the French, who outnumbered “Les Barbares,” to maneuver and defend the Meuse. The story is the generals didn’t believe their reconnaissance pilots. Could this be true?

On the next night, a reconnaissance pilot reported that he had seen long vehicle columns moving without lights; another pilot sent to check reported the same and that many of the vehicles were tanks. Later that day, photographic reconnaissance and pilot reports were of tanks and bridging equipment. On 13 May, Panzergruppe Kleist caused a traffic jam about 250 km (160 mi) long from the Meuse to the Rhine on one route. While the German columns were sitting targets, the French bomber force attacked the Germans in northern Belgium during the Battle of Maastricht and had failed with heavy losses.Wikipedia

Winston Churchill tried to get the French to continue the fight. He was told by French Prime Minister Paul Reynaud, “..we are beaten, we have lost the battle..” The evacuation at Dunkirk to save the British Expeditionary Force kept Britain in the fight for the long term.

At the end of the war, the Germans sent SS troops to harvest Reynaud’s soul, and those of other special prisoners, to take to their next (this) lifetime in the Battle of Castle Itter (link below)

This is Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana (21 Feb8uary 1794 – 21 June 1876), 8th President of Mexico. Santa Ana was overly flexible in his politics. This allowed him to rise to power. He opposed the Revolution against Spain, then fought in support of it. He supported the Monarchy of Mexico, then fought against it. He touted himself as a great general but lost most of the wars he engaged in; notabley the Texas Revolt and the Mexican American War. Despite this he became a military dictator in 1853 until he was ousted in 1855. In 1861, 6 years later, the Second French Intervention began that installed Maximilian I until 1867. Hmmm. Santa Ana died in exile in 1876.

This is Paul Reynaud (15 October 1878 – 21 September 1966). Reynaud was the Prime Minister of France during the onset of hostilities in World War II. Reynaud opposed the Munich agreement allowing Germany part of Czechoslovakia. 5 days after the Germans invaded France, Reynaud contacted Churchill and famously remarked, “We have been defeated… we are beaten; we have lost the battle…. The front is broken near Sedan.” Churchill, realizing his forces were chained to a corpse, began preparation for the Evacuation at Dunkirk. His surrender was quite handy for the Nazis, that’s why they put him there.

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