Preparing an Empire for Next Time

Above, Red Square at Western Washington University, Bellingham WA

Sometimes there is less to the reasons behind a war than all the historians, theorists, psychologists and politicians understand. Take Vlad Putin‘s invasion of Ukraine with the assistance of Alexander Lukashenko‘s Belarus. It all really started in 2014 when Alexander Yanukovich was ousted by Ukraine’s parliament. To add insult to injury a Jew is now the president of Ukraine.

Putting their loyalists in families and then positions of leadership is the simplest way to create an empire. The empire exists by default once they assist their puppets to rise to power. It makes sense if they want to create a Chinese Empire by making them most favored trading nation, and helping them attain military secrets, they would then put puppets in neighboring countries like Taiwan, Pakistan, Vietnam, the Philippines and etc. They would be putting them in place now.

Have you considered the French fell too easily to the Germans in 1940?

After the French – German Armistice was signed the government of the Vichy French was set up. They collaborated with the Nazis and even fought a naval battle against the US near Casablanca. The president of this puppet government was Philippe Petain. Petain had been Marshall of France and a diplomat. Here is the result of his reincarnation case study.

Hermann von Boyen (20 June 1771 – 15 February 1848) was a Prussian military officer who fought in many wars and battles. He retied for 21 years and studied history. He was called back into active service by King Frederick William IV in 1841 appointing him War Minister. He received the rank of Field Marshall in 1847. A fortress in Lotzen was named after him.

Phillipe Petain (24 April 1856 – 23 July 1951) was a hero of France for his command of the French 2nd Army during the battle of Verdun. He served as Marshal of the French military during the interwar period. After the Fall of France in 1940 he became the head of the Vichy French government and was tried and convicted of treason after WWII. His sentence was commuted in June 1951 and he died about a month later.

It’s easier to get an opponent nation to surrender when it’s leaders work for you. See Case Study 56. It’s easier to get it’s leaders to work for you when they always have and you had them be born in their assigned places.