Cartels and Fentanyl From China

Last night, May 29th, the great white Phil, (still claiming to have been Rommel) got tricked into admitting he and his goons played a part in the creation of cartels in Mexico. We already know some of the players were put there.

Not ones to waste an opportunity or utilize their assets, the giant Controllers of Mordor keep up their assault on the US. The CDC estimates 75,600 people died of fentanyl overdoses in the US between February 2021 and February 2022 (New York Post). That’s a lot of souls.

Most of the fentanyl in the US is from China and smuggled by Mexican cartels (USGov). The pills and the precursor chemicals are acquired from Xi Jinping’s<< PRC (CBS News).

US Presidents Trump and Biden have met with the Chinese leader over the issue. Trump was able to get Xi to get the drug on a schedule but this has done little to stem the tide.

The US arrested Genaro Garcia Luna<<, the Mexican Secretary of Public Security (who sold his soul) in 2019. In 2020 General Salvador Cienfuegos<<, the Secretary of National defense, for crimes related to cartel activity. The latter was actually the leader of a cartel. Then US Attorney General William Barr<< released him to Mexican Authorities who promptly put him in position as an advisor.

Cartels have succeeded in Mexico thanks to corruption, poverty and severe gun control. Towns with a few police have no way to resist heavily armed gang members. In the last few years the police and army quit shutting down vigilante groups fighting to keep their villages free.