Are Nazis Environmentalists?

When do the giants of Mordor do something to help with the environment? They don’t. They never intended to and still don’t.

These guys have been playing “god” to the right and the left, religions, world leaders and making little cults and movements. They’ve been trying to start a race war since at least the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968. It’s because they are white supremacists. They want to take over the country and use socialism to rule. They don’t want to take future historical blame for their wars. They want to use puppets like last time.

They lied and said the idea was from the left, their actors who pretend to be leftists even taking the fall. They tried to sell themselves to big oil, who Phil (says he’s Rommel but isn’t) worked for his entire life, by saying leftists eco terrorism was to blame for the Manson family, beating of Rodney King and such events. The truth is if they were to take over they would nationalize the all industries and create a war machine. They want souls.

It’s fairly obvious. They spend all their time going out of body to the SW where they play politics, try to make Phil look important and rape women and men. They try to demonize Phil’s son. Phil’s world is full of Derliwangers.

They do not go to Brazil and mess with people involved in the destruction of the rain forest. They do not interfere with fracking and new unnecessary oil pipelines in the US. They could have gotten into the heads of the right wing Supreme Court justices and stopped them from de-balling the EPA (CNN) twice (Reuters).

The truth is they owned the presidents who nominated them and so obviously the justices themselves. They want a socialist revolution, be it through votes or violence. They want to take over. They will not do anything for environmental causes because they are selling socialism as the cure. If they do take over they will not do anything to help the environment either, it’s not what they are after.

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