History Repeats

Phil (says he’s Rommel but wasn’t) and Co from Mordor use their puppet master skills to make good people on the other side do bad things. We remember when they were raping (and torturing) people. All of a sudden everything changed; they are forcing the good giants to take the blame. Why? Because people forget and they know it.

They even have a replacement Phil! Forcing someone from Santa Fe to take the blame for their “great leader.” Meanwhile they are trying to replace his son with who ever they can. They have even sent servants from Mordor to live in the targeted city. Phil is trying to take the place of his son’s mentor – the Bear.

These guys are whacked. But, all the Mordor boys and girls go along with it – because the fascist Controllers have dirt on them. It’s a requirement before they are allowed out of their body.

Did you know? Some senseless murders of shop keepers and liquor store clerks are simply gang initiations. The killer gives the weapon he used to the gang leader who puts it in a bag in the safe. If the new member ever turns on the leader it can be used to send him up on murder charges.

By focusing on the people trapped in the bubble they are able to make them do and say whatever they want them to. It’s like being in a dream where you can’t move or fight. This puppet master skill is used on the dead in brainwashing.

The rapists will win any contest because the opponent is being mentally overpowered. In short, the whole thing is a show with innocents being forced, and be subjected to, rape. It’s all for the glory of Phil.

We notice the similarities, although completely backward, from the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. There is a similar story in Judges 19-21, obviously with a different actor. Was the real Lot replaced? Everyone repeats their lifetimes. He and Abraham had a feud that the latter appeared to have gotten over. But did he really? Did he simply pretend to get over the argument and then destroy the towns and the real Lot? The fake Lot had sex with his daughters; this would be blamed on the real Lot in future lifetimes. What did he know, and relate to others, about Abraham?

Why do the Santa Feans fear the fascist sorcerer giants of Mordor?

Susan Sontag
Victoria Martens

On the left is the chart of Susan Sontag. Sontag was one of our nations most controversial and influential leftist and feminist writers. She was an avowed anti-communist. She was also a friend of Salman Rushdie, a British Indian writer. His novel, The Satanic Verses (1988), was the subject of a major controversy, provoking protests from Muslims in several countries and the issuance of a fatwah by the Ayatollah Khomeini (Case Study 31). The Satanic Verses in the Koran refer to three female deities that are supposed to be admired. The verses are considered by main stream Islam to have been put in the Prophet’s head by Satan and are not to be discussed.

Sontag was against the rape going on during Fromm‘s big psychic shit show in 1994-95 in the Pacific Northwest. They’ve been trying to play it off / blame it on other people and other places ever since.

On the right is the chart of Victoria Martens. Victoria on her 10th birthday was raped and stabbed to death. The details are sordid. Acts against a target like this can be used to intimidate those who are aware residing in the area (see Case Study 8 and (Case Study 33). Persons in the state of NM were also outspoken against Fromm’s psychic shit show. The guys using dark energy are rich white guys. This was intended to be blamed on, and intimidate, the people in NM.