Left or Right?

The French Revolution saw the formation of three major “revolutionary” groups. The Montangards, led by Maximillian Robespierre, sat in the highest tiers of the assembly and were the most radical anti-royalists. The Girondins, led by Jacques Pierre Brissot, were in favor of a Republic and and led the revolution in it’s beginnings. The latter group did not advocate the overthrow of Louis XVI.

Both of the former groups arose as factions of the Jacobins who’s organization was the basis of the revolution. The split resulted in the rise to power of the Montangards and an event known as The Terror.

The Montangards had painted the Girondins as anti-revolutionaries. The biggest help they had in this effort was Jean-Baptiste Louvre de Couvrai a mediocre playwright and actor. He became a political writer and used incessant slander against the Montagnards which demonized his Girondins. The Montagnards executed some of the Girondin leaders and Brissot committed suicide. Robespierre didn’t stop there. “16,594 official death sentences had been dispensed throughout France since June 1793, of which 2,639 were in Paris alone. An additional 10,000 to 12,000 people had been executed without trial and 10,000 had died in prison.” Wikipedia

While the Montangard were guillotining everyone they passed leftist laws. They abolished slavery (sort of, see slavery in the colonies) and created the Cult of the Supreme Being to wrest religious authority away from the Catholic Church. The Piques section were most radical. The most notable member being Donatien Francois; the Marquis de Sade<<.

The Marquis was an author of eroticism; particularly of rape, torture, suffering, sodomy and child rape. He also committed many of the crimes he wrote about and was institutionalized by Napoleon Bonaparte. During his time in institution “Sade began a sexual relationship with 14-year-old Madeleine LeClerc, daughter of an employee at Charenton. This lasted some four years, until his death in 1814.” Wikipedia

The actions of the Montagnards and the Piques were effective in demonizing leftist ideas, sexual liberation and anti-religious ideas. Their actions also vilified the ideals of a democratic republic.

It worked like a charm. Souls were harvested and the blame laid upon “democracy.” The nation was taken over by a new emperor; Napoleon Bonaparte. The Emperor then embarked on a series of campaigns where more souls were harvested. It ended with the French Army itself marched off without adequate clothing to die in the Russian winter. France returned to the rule of the House of Bourbon with the support of the Church. Democracy on the Continent had been averted. The historians and political theorists still write volumes on the reasons, implications and etc etc.

Have you noticed the leftists of Mordor take the blame for the sexual perversions, murders and child rapes of the ones representing the right? None of them are really on the left or the right.

When we see individuals linked through time and examine their relationships, we start to see patterns. The following individuals work together, even when pretending to be opposed. Reference a previous post.

Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvrai

This man was Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvrai (12 June 1760 – 25 August 1797). He was a French novelist, playwright, journalist, politician, and diplomat. During the French Revolution he was a Girondist, half of the Legislative Assembly opposed to the Montagnards. As a writer and activist he had promoted the ideals of the Enlightenment; after the success of the US Revolution everyone did. He championed a more moderate approach than Robespierre and Marat. He lobbied for a constitutional monarchy and to spare King Louis XVI’s life. It is believed by some historians he helped destroy his own Girondist movement through the incessant use of libelous writings and statements against the Montagnards. This hobbled any attempts to stop the Reign of Terror. After the Thermidorian Reaction resulted in the death or Robespierre and Marat, he was so threatened by the people of Paris he left. He received an appointment in Naples but died before taking the post.

Karl Marx

This is Karl Heinrich Marx (5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883) the German economist who made Socialism and Communism a thing. He wrote extensively against Capitalism and Free Enterprise, believing a centralized government run by a single party should control all material wealth. He believed this could only be achieved through violent revolution, purges and forced re-education of the masses. Although descended from Jews he has been criticized as having been an anti Semite and racist. [1] [2] He met Friedrich Engels in Paris in 1944. They where lifetime friends. Marx’s pet names for his daughters were “Hottentot” and Qui Qui, they committed suicide later in life. Marx’s legitimate sons did not survive to adulthood, he is rumored to have fathered one illegitimate one with his maid. Marx spent his latter years in London from 1850 until his death in 1883.

Friedrich Fromm

This man is Generaloberst Friedrich Fromm (8 October 1888 – 12 March 1945). Fromm <<fought for the German Army in World War I and was appointed as Commander of the Replacement Army by Hitler. His job during World War II was to recruit and train men for the ranks of the German Army. He also commanded all the troops in Germany itself and was in charge of supplies and weapons manufacturing, mostly accomplished with slave labor from the concentration camps.

The July 20 plotters (bombing of Hitler’s headquarters) were members of his staff; Claus von Stauffenberg being his executive officer. He had decided to keep quiet about the affair in exchange for a leadership position in the new government. When the plot failed he had his men arrested and, against orders to take them alive, immediately executed so as not to be implicated by their potential testimony. Does that look like a face capable of such barbarity? It most certainly is. Fromm was executed almost a year later on the 12th of March 1945 for executing them against orders.

Funny thing is, this guy keeps claiming he was Rommel

Pope Clement V


Maximillian Robespierre

This is Maximilian Robespierre, butcher of the French Revolution. After the American Colonies revolted against the British Crown the French thought they’d do the same. On the European Continent no less! Not wanting any of that craziness, the powers sent their best to sabotage the movement. It was in the Controllers’ interest to rid Europe of any souls trying to create such nonsense as freedom and self determination in lieu of a Monarchy.

First step; take things too far and get rid of the real revolutionaries at the same time. Max had a little help from Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvrai (Case Study 26) who sabotaged the Girondist movement from the inside. Killing that little cutie Marie Antoinette might get him a hottie to use (Case Study 33). They sure didn’t like that darn moderate Marat (Case Study 1) running around getting in the way. In the end the country was called the French Empire with it’s Emperor Napolean who marched the rest of souls off to die in the Russian winter.

Freiderich Engels

Carrying the struggle forward, they invented a replacement philosophy. Freiderich Engels, Karl Marx’s buddy (Case Study 26) was the next incarnation. Capitalism is too dangerous for the sorcerers who rule. Here’s why they don’t like it. Controlling a monarchy is simple because there is only one (or a few) person they need to influence for complete control. Controlling a democracy can be complicated, there’s too many people to play god to.

By the same token capitalism has many people influencing the economy. It allows for a middle class that can gain enough power (wealth) to end Monarchies. In fact, the middle class did play a major role in ending the rule of monarchies in Europe. That’s why it’s under assault now. Giving all the important industries to a government centralizes power. No nouveau riche that way. Wealthy colonists sponsored the American revolution by financing an army and getting help from the French who were at odds with the British.

Throw in an excuse to kill all those opposed, harvest a bunch of souls for reprogramming, and you’ve got a hell of a plan for world domination. He spent his latter years in England editing Karl Marx’s, writings. He left a considerable estate, valued at £25,265 (equivalent to £2,939,827 in 2019),

Heinrich Himmler

Next he was Reichsfuhrer of the SS Heinrich Himmler. He was partly responsible for the biggest mass reprogramming event since the Spanish Inquisition. Marxism has built into it the idea that “pure” socialism cannot exist until a generation rules that was born after capitalism has been eliminated. They would never have been tainted by economic freedom.

Himmler’s first victims were the 997 girls from Slovakia. The Third Reich was supposed to rule for 1,000 years but it didn’t work out. Himmler was known for his interest in the occult and efforts to prove a genealogical relationship between the Japanese, the Tibetans and the Germanic peoples – kinda goofy. For more information see Case Study 2 and Case Study 6,

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