The Phil Rapist Show

Above: German anti Jewish propaganda c. 1930’s

The rapist sorcerers using black energy have always been rapists. They are white men. They don’t let people get to their level who aren’t white. In the past they would claim to be Jews or Blacks to cover their asses and aim anger at their enemies. They repeat their past patterns. They are not enlightened, just allowed to get out by their gang. While you’re made to feel guilty for your “sins,” they murder children.

They can use other colors of energy, black is chosen to be used for evil acts. This is an essential part of the narrative. They can steal light energy from others and appear as light energy, or blue. It’s a charade. Since black is harder energy and used for evil purposes they always choose the lighter color race to rule with.

It fits their narrative. They are wealthy white men often in positions of authority and importance. These positions include, but are not limited to; pastors/priests/psychologists, politicians, law enforcement, educators and military personnel. One of Phil’s rapists is a pastor from Mordor.

They use rape as propaganda, punishment and for brainwashing. There have always been people who can see this. The people of today who can see may think they are special, but historically this is the norm. Hence Phil’s shit show; the demon narrative got worn out.

At the end of the 19th century there was propaganda and movies made about black men raping white women. It was the same shit show being described. The idea was to demonize black people. In the 1930s similar propaganda was presented about Jews. It was the same shit show being described. Observers were told the rich white rapists using dark energy were black or Jews.

Today observers are told the dark rapists are democrats. Phil pretends to have nothing to do with it (Genesis 18:23-33). He and his Valkeries threaten people’s families and children to get them to cooperate with his false narrative.