Herding Souls

Above; Friedrich Fromm

To “herd” someone they want to their fiefdom in Mordor, the giant fascist Controllers go forth and manipulate (and control) their target and the people around them. They make it hard on the person so that he or she is driven to them. When they are in Mordor, they are relatively happy as they aren’t getting messed with.

Two examples are Charles Manson and Amanda Knox. Both were the victims of events that were seemingly random. It was anything but. Both went to Mordor as they had been driven to.

Did you know? One of Phil’s other son’s wife left him and ended up living in Phil world where she can be vampired to help him have light energy. She was raped on the other side but didn’t know who was doing it was who she ran to.

Charles Manson’s mother was an alcoholic who spent time during his childhood in prison for assault and robbery. Charles’ life of crime started at the age of nine when he tried to burn down the school. He was involved in petty theft as a young boy and by the age of 15 he had stolen a car and committed armed robberies.

At the (Indiana Boys School), other students allegedly raped Manson with the encouragement of a staff member, and he was repeatedly beaten. He ran away from the school eighteen times” (Wikipedia).” Were the kids possessed or something? Were the staff programmed demon zombies?

In July 1961, he was transferred from the Los Angeles County Jail to the United States Penitentiary at McNeil Island, Washington where he stayed incarcerated until 1967. During this time he became infatuated with The Beatles and was introduced to hypnosis. It would be interesting to know what his dreams were about.

He moved to Berkeley, where hippies and the summer of love could be blamed- and the rest is history.

Eduard Bernstein
Charles Manson

On the left is the birth chart of Eduard Bernstein. Bernstein was a German social-democratic politician who believed the realization of socialism could be achieved through peaceful means. The Controllers like the socialist part not the peaceful means part. He was critical of pure Marxist ideology, including it’s anti Semitism and anti homosexual stance.

On the right is the birth chart of a reprogrammed soul; Charles Manson. Manson was the leader of the “Manson Family,” a group that believed a race war would bring about an end to our evil society. He gained these ideas as well as an infatuation with the Beatles at McNeil Island Federal Penitentiary in Washington State. He believed in creating chaos to stimulate a beginning to this war.

E Bernstein Death Chart

Amanda Knox <<<is a woman from Seattle, WA. While an exchange student studying in Italy she was arrested and convicted in connection with the death of Meredith Kercher<<<. Also convicted was her then boyfriend Raffaelle Sollecito and, in a separate trial, Rudy Guede. Guede’s fingerprints and bloody palm print had been found on sheets near the body. Knox and Sollecito were exonerated in 2015.

The Italian prosecutor alleged Satanic rites, occult sex activity and ritual killings to be the cause of death. Where did he come up with that? Maybe he was having visions of Knox and Sollecito partaking in Satanic rites? Hell, maybe the whole town was. He started a media circus of character assassination. He succeeded in getting Knox and Sollecito convicted in 2009. They had been in jail since Kercher’s death in 2007. The world press considered the conviction a farce. The evidence did not point to the pair and the grandiose stories of Satan worship by the prosecution was viewed as kangaroo court tactics.

In 2011 the Italian Appellate Court overturned the conviction. Knox and Sollecito were released. The Italian Supreme Court ordered a retrial and in 2014 and found them guilty. The ruling was appealed and they were again exonerated in 2015. Don’t go to Italy.

Knox now resides in Washington State. Whoever wanted her soul to come back succeeded. Kercher’s soul will be there for her next (actually this) life as well.

Knox became an author and activist for the rights of the accused. She made appearances for the Innocence Project. Her case has been the subject of five documentaries and she has published at least four books.

Abraham and the Controlers of Mordor trying the same thing in Santa Fe these days. They even pretend to live in Santa Fe and had some of their loyalists actually move there, to pass the buck. They also use their puppet master skills on some people.

Bereishit (Genesis) 14:21 “And the king of Sodom said to Abram, “Give me the souls, and the possessions take for yourself.”