Abraham Still Carries a Grudge

Continued from yesterday’s post

Reportedly Jeffrey Epstein befriended Bill Richardson, politician of New Mexico (Las Cruces Sun News), something Richardson denies (KRQE News). Epstein bought a property in Stanley NM in 1993, not long after the LA Race Riots. The beating of Rodney King, announced a week before it happened as an attempt to start a race war, was re announced by by different people in the 4th D, including from New Mexico. The fascist giant Phil (says he was Rommel but wasn’t) was pissed his plan didn’t work. He sent Epstein’s handler, and Epstein, to get dirt on people in the towns nearby.

Richardson was appointed head of the Department of Energy by then President Bill Clinton (above) in 1998. Also in 1998, the FBI began to investigate Dr Wen Ho Lee, a Taiwan born scientist at Los Alamos National Labs. It seems the People’s Republic of China had obtained top secret information on a nuclear weapons program. Richardson and the FBI fingered Lee, even though Taiwan isn’t exactly full of close friends of the PRC.

This discretion was sounded out in the 4th D by the Son of Phil and others in Santa Fe. Soon after a controlled burn that wasn’t for long, lit during high winds (May 2000) created the Cerro Grande Fire. Whatever possessed them? It burned part of the labs and the city of Los Alamos. According to officials the fire burned the building that held evidence in the investigation.

However, FBI investigators soon determined that the design data the PRC had obtained could not have come from the Los Alamos Lab, because it related to information that would only have been available to someone like a so-called “downstream” contractor, meaning one involved in the final warhead production process, and this information was only created after the weapon design left the LANL (Wikipedia)

Lee was released from jail in September of the same year. The real culprit (possibly from Mordor?) behind leaked information to China on US nuclear programs was never discovered. Whoever he or she is; is certainly glad Richardson and a few FBI agents threw everyone off on the wrong track long enough for the trail to be burned up. Xi Jinping is probably smiling as well.

It should be noted that in the years following, 2002 – 2005, the nuclear programs in North Korea and Iran advanced in leaps and bounds.

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