white van on desert

Remember The Journey

During the adventures of 2017, a epic journey really, a few important things were demonstrated to the world. That Phil (calls himself Rommel but wasn’t) and Co were trying to set his son up to appear racist and as a child molester were two. More important was Phil’s obsession with nuclear war.

Did you know? Phil has since stumbled and “admitted” he tried to rape that son as a boy.

During the trip on a few occasions Phil expounded on his desire to nuke Santa Fe, Los Angeles and Israel. It was to be a “limited nuclear war, for the environment.” See What Are The Controllers Up To?

Did you know? Controllers like everything they do to have a “reasonable” explanation. This is for historians to spend big portions of their lives justifying and expounding upon and to disguise their influence. Religious types can always just say “God was angry with the Jews and punished them.” That usually suffices for their flocks.

Using the Ayatollah Khameini to nuke Israel to save the Palestinians would be the “historically cited reason” reserved to explain this event. The problem: it would also kill the Palestinians who live there. This was recently pointed out to Phil who yelled and screamed and raped people in response. Now strange things are afoot in Israel.