The Trial

The Sanhedrin Trial (John 18: 39 – 19:16) is an event when the High Jewish Priest, Ciaiphas, brought Jesus to Pilate. Ciaiphus and the priests requested Pilate execute Jesus. Pilate took Jesus back out and said he found no crime. The priests claimed he had to be put to death and this made Pilate afraid. The Roman governor afraid of the Jews?

John 19:7 The Jews replied, ‘We have a Law, and according to that Law he ought to be put to death, because he has claimed to be Son of God. 8 When Pilate heard them say this his fears increased.

According to Josephus in his The Jewish War (2.9.2) and Antiquities of the Jews (18.3.1), Pilate offended the Jews by moving imperial standards with the image of Caesar into Jerusalem. This resulted in a crowd of Jews surrounding Pilate’s house in Caesarea for five days. Pilate then summoned them to an arena, where the Roman soldiers drew their swords. But the Jews showed so little fear of death, that Pilate relented and removed the standards” (Wikipedia).

Pilate* was not afraid of the Jews. The Roman appointed High Priest Ciaiphus took the blame for the death of Jesus after a quasi scripted show for the masses. The accusation of deicide has been used as an excuse to persecute Jews ever since.

It’s the same kind of show between *Abraham and someone pretending to be God; See Genesis 19:22 through 33.

Getting one of your buddies into a society for infiltration purposes is much easier when you can have them born there – then help them rise to a position of authority.

Has anyone considered the French surrendered to the Germans rather quickly, even though they still outnumbered the Wehrmacht Forces in the Battle of France.

Hermann von Boyen (20 June 1771 – 15 February 1848) was a Prussian military officer who fought in many wars and battles. He retied for 21 years and studied history. He was called back into active service by King Frederick William IV in 1841 appointing him War Minister. He received the rank of Field Marshall in 1847. A fortress in Lotzen was named after him.

Phillipe Petain (24 April 1856 – 23 July 1951) was a hero of France for his command of the French 2nd Army during the battle of Verdun. He served as Marshal of the French military during the interwar period. After the Fall of France in 1940 he became the head of the Vichy French government and was tried and convicted of treason after WWII. His sentence was commuted in June 1951 and he died about a month later.

It’s easier to get an opponent nation to surrender when it’s leaders work for you. See Case Study 56

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