Another Female Writer – Case Study 63

Sheilah Graham

Sheilah Graham (born Lily Shiel in Leeds; 15 September 1904 – 17 November 1988) was a American gossip columnist. Her parents were Ukrainian Jews who fled the pogroms. She wrote a column called “Hollywood Today” for 35 years with a pause to serve as a war correspondent during World War II. She is also known for her friendships with F. Scott Fitzgerald.

She died in 1988 of congestive heart failure.

Lucy Letby

This is recently convicted serial killer Lucy Letby (born 4 January 1990 in Hereford). Letby worked as a neonatal care nurse at Countess of Chester Hospital. She is another soul programmed between lifetimes to keep her out of politics and to harvest some souls.

Following an increase in the mortality rate of infants she was suspended. After investigations she was charged in the death of infants and attempted murder of 6 others. She was convicted on 7 counts of murder and is awaiting sentencing.

Please help me, I can’t do this any more, Hate my life, I want someone to help me but they can’t” From one of many papers of doodles and ramblings by Lucy Letby presented in court.