The Solution No One is Talking About

Above; Gaza City buildings destroyed after having been used for rocket launches by Hamas

There are roughly 240 hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza. There are calls for a cease fire to negotiate a release, possibly in exchange for Hamas criminals (NPR).

Hamas has continued to taunt the world with videos of hostages. In one, the terrorists showed off children and toddlers they had taken from Israel (NY Post). In one released 3 days ago a 13 year old child and a 77 year old woman were shown (Haaretz). Consider the video of Shani Louk, a 23 year old German woman who’s legs were broken, then she was raped and beheaded. Her body was paraded around to chants of Allah Akbar (God is great) and cheers from other Palestinians (Business Insider). Would it be wise of Israel to release 1,000 people in jail who are members of Hamas?

There have been people who talk about “disproportionate punishment” comparing the number of deaths (10K + reported by Hamas’ social service wing) in Gaza to the number of people killed in the terrorist attack on October 7th. The Israeli military isn’t punishing anyone, not even Hamas. They are acting to eliminate a credible threat – there are 20 to 30 thousand Hamas murderers and rapists hiding in tunnels in Gaza.

The answer is really quite simple. Hamas should release the hostages and turn those responsible over to the IDF unconditionally.

That they don’t shows they don’t really care about the suffering of their own people. Hamas’ billionaire leaders are in it for power (NY Post). They wanted other Arab nations to help them defeat the Israelis. Luring the IDF into areas where civilian deaths would be inevitable would give an excuse to other nations to join their fight. Presumably Hamas would control the entire region if Israel was taken over. Ismael Haniyeh would be even wealthier. What’s a few Palestinians compared to his bank account? Of course his people think it’s God’s will and Haniyeh’s masters want to wipe out the Jews. Hamas would commit genocide against the Jews, the videos of October 7th prove this.

In a way people’s attitude toward Hamas shows their bias against Palestinians. Some people think Hamas leaders are not intelligent enough to be held accountable for the actions of those they brainwashed. These men are not animals, they are intelligent, evil men. The October 7th attacks were planned out, ready to be carried out when they got the signal. These men are tyrants manipulating people like kings of old, using religion for their personal gain. They are counting on popular opinion to turn against Israel, so they keep the hostages.

Hamas isn’t attempting to defend their cities. They created tunnels under their territory, not defenses around it. They are firing rockets from positions next to schools and hospitals, not from bunkers on a perimeter. Terrorist acts are political and psychological in nature.

Netanyahu and the Israeli government have to weigh the safety of their people, even if their people are not in favor of their decisions. If in 5 or 10 years the Hamas criminals pull off a similar attack Netanyahu will be remembered for his failure. If he destroys Hamas now he will be unpopular as no attack of the future will happen to prove him right.