(Case Study 1) #Stevie #Ray #Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan
Adam Lanza

The above is an example of a famous individual and his brainwashed reincarnation. Many of the 27 club members probably have the same fate although Vaughan is not technically one of them. The incarnations of some famous religious figures from history were believed to have achieved enlightenment at the age of 30 and the Controllers hope to keep them from interfering in current projects. It might also be noted Stevie’s choice of blue’s music and his admiration for and imitation of black musician Jimi Hendrix would definitely bias the Controllers against him. If the most powerful psychics in the world weren’t racist do you think the world would be the way it is?

I encourage the reader to read the biographies thoroughly. The charts are included for the verification of those trained in their use. This is an example of 2 birds with 1 stone, the goals being gun regulation and the destruction of a talented and aware individual’s future.