A Dead Scientist Spawns Misinformation Campaign

On the 27th of November Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated, according to the Iranian press. He was a senior official of the Iranian nuclear research program. He was wanted by the west and sanctioned by the United Nations. The Iranian press has claimed Israel was behind the killing and everyone else, it seems, believes them.

The most important phrase in the first paragraph of this post is “according to the Iranian press.” I remember a day not so long ago when people chuckled at the Iranian state news. I’m not sure why in today’s world everyone blindly accepts what they say. I’m not sure why people blindly accept a lot of what they read or hear period. But when it comes to the Iranian news?

The first reports were that a terrorist group did the hit (NPR). The Iranian generals said Israel was behind it. They said it was a 12 person hit squad and none of them were caught or killed. On the 29th, the Iranian press changed the story to a 12 person team backed by 50 more people (NY Post) and Israel. Within hours the claim was 62 people backed by a robot machine gun (RT News) and Israel. On December 6th they said it was 62 people backed by a robot machine gun that uses satellite technology (CNN) and, of course, Israel. See a pattern here?

The strange thing is; everyone is buying this garbage. Even the Wikipedia post linked from his name above says ” Israel is widely suspected of organizing the attack.” Everyone needs to sit down for this one. The ONLY source of information on this story is the state run, mouthpiece of the Shia Theocracy, Iranian News. That’s it folks. All these guys are saying Israel did the hit because the Iranian News said it.

In fact we don’t really know he’s dead, the whole story could be a fabrication. WWE fans remember when Big Show threw John Cena into a floodlight and he had to take leave to heal from his wounds. Then he went and filmed a movie. We can in the case of the assassination of the Iranian scientist be fairly certain something happened, or there would be no reason for them to run the story.

Fakhrizadeh’s three car convoy was made up of bullet proof vehicles. Mossad is one of the most professional intelligence operations in the world. If they were going to assassinate someone they would know in what kind of car their target was traveling. They wouldn’t attack a bullet proof car with gunmen, or a robot machine gun. They wouldn’t encourage a dissident group to do it that way either. That’s ridiculous. They might snipe him at the place where he entered or exited the car. More likely they would plant a bomb on the vehicle. The New York Post on the 29th said a booby trapped car was used to cut off one of the escort vehicles. Why not just blow up his car? Even more probable they would poison him or simply wait for him to leave the country. They certainly did not smuggle a robot machine gun into Iran. That’s a complete fabrication.

The story morphed with each change intended to make it seem a state actor was involved. Eventually a group was named by the Iranians; Mujahideen-e Kalq. This group, claimed the Iranians, was backed by … wait for it; Israel. A group called Mujahideen anything is probably not backed by Israel. Not because Israel wouldn’t back them, because they wouldn’t want to be backed by Israel.

This is my first point. The Iranians want people to believe the hit was done or backed by the Jews. In case you didn’t take History of Religions in school, the Koran labels Jews as enemies of Allah. It labels Christians as enemies of Allah as well but that’s for a different post. Claiming the attack was, or backed, by Mossad discredits the perpetrators in the eyes of other Iranians. This prevents them from gaining more followers or donations. We can determine then, Iran is afraid of these guys.

Saying the group was a religious group, Mujahideen-e Kalq (MEK) is another way to do the same thing. The MEK sided with Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war and is considered by many Iranians to be a group of traitors. They do advocate the overthrow of the Ayatollah’s government and have helped the US with information from Iran. There is a problem with this story, the US wouldn’t back an attack on bulletproof cars with gunmen either. The MEK has been around long enough to know how to build a bomb and plant it on the target’s route.

This is my second point. Making sure credit is not given to the actual group behind an attack negates any gain they may get from it. Recognizing the Iranian press named this group tells us they probably did not conduct the hit. Saying they were backed by Israel is to libel them in the eyes of Iranians who might be inspired to join the effort. The gains at stake are more recruits, more donations and possibly outside backing. The Iranian government would prefer this group remains unknown.

Whomever conducted a rifle assault on bullet proof cars were amateurs. They did not know what they were doing. The driver stopped the vehicle. That’s a big no no, Fakhrizadeh was a general who should have known not to exit the vehicle. Maybe he got cavalier. The hit squad got lucky.

This is my third point. These guys were trying to send a message to their people and the world they are against the Iranian Fascist Theocracy and their nuclear weapons program. They are as yet nameless to us. The Iranian government fears them and most of what they print is for domestic consumption. Tehran is trying to limit an internal anti government movement. The rest of the world seems to be buying, and feeding into, their bs. There are groups in Iran that are non-sectarian advocates of the removal of the Ayatollah and his government Wikipedia. Here is a story from The Guardian about another Iranian scientist.

You knew there would be a weird part. According to the New York Times on November 27th, an unidentified US administration official and two US intelligence officials told them Israel was behind the killing of Fakhrizadeh (NY Post). It’s fairly obvious Israel was not behind this amateur assault. These guys are full of it.

If government officials speak off the record to the press they could be guilty of violating non disclosure agreements. They could lose their jobs and be convicted in a court of law. People read these stories and think James Bond. The reality is, if they are talking to the press they were probably told to. Communicating as if it’s “unofficial” is a way of giving our government the ability to say something without having to take diplomatic heat for it. It also has the affect of making it more believable in the eyes of the common reader. It would be extremely difficult for government officials to get away with.

Whether these guys are really sneaking information under the radar or not, why would they lie? Why do they want to stir the muck in the Middle East between Iran and Israel? Why do they want to support the Iranian Theocracy’s efforts at suppressing a potential uprising? Whatever possessed them? We know the Carter administration and the French government helped the Ayatollah Khomeini return to Iran during the Iranian Revolution, but this is crazy. Our government should be reaching out to revolutionary groups like this, not helping to shut them down.