Dictatorships vs Democracy

Democracy in the Western World is not as entrenched as most might think. The United States’ form of government has existed for 244 years. Considering what we know of human civilization dates back 7000 years or so, that’s a blip. Athenian democracy lasted from 507 BCE to 460 BCE, that’s 47 years (History). The Roman Republic lasted from 509 BCE to 27 BCE, Also blips. The bulk of the history of man’s experience in large societies has been under the yoke of tyranny and dictatorships.

After the American revolution, with ideas of freedom in their minds, the French started a revolution of their own, It was hijacked. Girondists and Montagnards on opposite ends of the new political spectrum (like Democrats and Republicans) were being manipulated by the same force. They harvested as many souls as they could with the guillotine. They took sexual liberation to an illogical extreme. Why? To demonize the idea of liberation by purposefully taking things too far. They were out to force peoples minds back to believing in the way of monarchies and puritanism. They accomplished their goal. After 10 years, France arose from it’s self inflicted, chaotic cess pool as an empire under Napolean Bonaparte. French democracy was staved off until the end of World War I.

By 1918 the Russian Empire, the German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire were gone. The rise of socialism and communism, deceitfully contrived “isms” designed as ways to maintain oligarchal rule under the guise of liberty and equality led to Europe being divided by two monarchies. One was under the rule of Josef Stalin, the other by Adolf Hitler. The Nazis were going to start their thousand year empire, a bastardization of the kingdom of god idea from the bible.

Their defeat in World War II left the world in a nuclear standoff called the Cold War. Eastern Europe was controlled by the communist government of the Soviet Union.

Scroll forward to the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. The whole world took a deep breath, a great weight had been removed from everyone’s consciousness. We no longer feared nuclear annihilation.

Meanwhile, powers were at work giving industrial power (most favored nation) to the Marxist government in China. Tyranny has been introduced to Iran. The North Korea has been developing their own nuclear capabilities. Anti semitism is once again rampant, The forces of tyranny have not abated,

We in our arrogance and ignorance stand at one of the most decisive times in history. Many people feel so entitled and safe in their belief that our democracy is secure, they fail to see the threat from within. The machinations of powers bent on returning our world to rule by the few is hard at work. We ignore them at our, and future generations’, peril.