Brainwashing 2 (sorcery series)

Brainwashing; some of you are watching them do it without realizing what you are seeing. If you are an observer of the shit show you may have noticed the large ones focusing intently on the subjects. As stated before they are controlling different individuals inside the dome. The whole thing is a impromptu charade like a WWE match of sexual assault.

The dome itself is formed by a powerful one who has his people inside. The large ones outside are “burning down his house.” They are erasing the memory of the people inside. They are also attempting to destroy any credibility the individuals may have by making them perform sex and in particular homosexual acts. It’s interesting the perverts causing this like to appear as righteous and judgemental observers.

When you see this merger or possession the aggressor will attack from behind the subject putting their face into the back of the head of the victim. They will hold onto the sides of the subject and focus on pulling up on their center. The defense is to learn to pull up on the attacker’s center. The counter is to get more of their buddies to help elevate the victims center. This tactic is not limited to out of body subjects. The one with the elevated center will loose energy to the attacker on his back. This is vampirism. Using religious (psychological) dogma is the way they maintain control of the other side and gives them a distinct advantage.

Some of the large puppet masters are able to focus enough to change the appearance of a person out of body. Observers will incorrectly identify who is doing what in the show.

Another tactic is to possess individuals who are also out of their body. They can merger their conscious with another and overpower their will. They then rape other people or perform gay sex acts. The person you see has no control over what is happening but is aware of it. Observers will incorrectly identify the perpetrator.

The intended affect on the subject possessed is to cause them to become sexually aggressive, or gay, through repeated experience. This will carry forward into their next lifetime. Gives the whole nature vs nurture thing an interesting twist. The image above is Arcan Cetin during his rampage at the Cascade Mall in Washington.