State Department Calls China’s Treatment of Uighur People Genocide

On Tuesday, Jan 19th, the State Department declared the Marxist government of China was committing genocide and crimes against humanity in it’s repression of the Uighur minority in Xinjiang province (New York Times). The statement by the Trump administration is in line with now President Joe Biden’s earlier comments.

Internment camps in the region have used torture, rape and mental manipulation to “re educate” Uighur people to make them easier to control. These techniques have been common in socialist and communist regimes over the last century.

There has been a political and economic falling out between the US and China in recent months. The Covid outbreak and the imposition of Chinese law on the formerly semi autonomous city of Hong Kong have been the cause of this tension.

Not sure what affect this will have on everyone’s favorite contractor, Erik Prince. His operation in Hong Kong, Frontier Services Group trains guards who are to be stationed at the re education camps in Xinjiang Province. Presumably a declaration like this will prohibit his company from continuing services to the People’s Republic of China.