Congratulations Joe and Kamala

President Biden and Vice President Harris are now safely in office. So far so good. It’s now time to undo the mess that’s been left behind. In all fairness the mess is not all Trump’s fault – just some of it. I can’t even say the election rigging that got him into office is his fault. The look of surprise on his face when he won the Republican nomination gave it away. The grand show in DC two weeks ago to discredit any future efforts to point out voter fraud. The controllers’ ability to pull it off in the future remains, although not so blatantly as in 2016.

Most of the things that led to the disaster year of 2020 were caused by outside forces. Trump’s handling of these events was partially dictated and he wasn’t always listening to the correct voice. The deceiver is out there trying to be the thoughts and voice of someone else. That someone else didn’t think Trump should have been the president in the first place. The deceivers installed Trump to drive conservatives back to the Neo Con faction.

The events of 2020; friction with Iran, the Covid pandemic, killing of blacks by police and strains with China are interrelated. The resultant protests by BLM, Antifa, Q types, and white supremacists combined with the aforementioned events kept the world noisy and people distracted. Trump’s dance with the devil wasn’t perfect but it could have been a lot worse.

This brings us to a point. Our new president is a Democrat and a professional politician. He ran on a promise to return us to a sense of normalcy and stability. This is want Americans want. The radical left and radical right, although vocal minorities, do not seem content. It is not so much their discontent but the true source of it that matters. It is a sign. Trump’s term, especially his last year, was full of crazy events. Those events were beyond his control. If similar situations continue to manifest it will be up to Biden and his team to handle them with wisdom. Who they choose to take advice from and who they ignore will be of the utmost importance.

We now have a president the democratic process was allowed to appoint. Lady Gaga rocked the national anthem. Congratulations Joe and Kamala!