Let’s Blame the Hippies

Fascists want certain things. They want to take over the country and disarm the populace. They want to exterminate everyone they don’t like and create a socialist economy. They want to use complete economic control to build a war machine and attempt to take over the world. Hate to break it to you-but it’s true. It’s what they did last time.

Back in the 60’s Charles Manson and his “Family” believed in creating a race war that would destroy the United States and with it capitalism. That, in turn would lead to a wonderful world with no more industry and technology, the planets environment would be saved.

That wouldn’t happen. Any internal war would be allowed to continue long enough to rid society of some undesirables. Martial law would be declared, the belligerents would be apprehended, and everyone would be disarmed. Elections would be suspended. There would be countless new laws and regulations destroying freedom of speech and the press. Cameras would be everywhere and surveillance would be legitimized.

Manson and his followers believed this garbage but the people who fed it to them don’t. They make themselves believe and in so doing make the gumby brains believe it too. Manson was programmed. The big problem with people like Manson is they make easy scapegoats. Fascists use people like him in attempts to forward their agenda. It only takes a few people putting on the hippie uniform and acting like Charlie and Friends to destroy the image of an entire element of sub culture. It doesn’t help the environmentalist movement either. Note that some people thought the Manson Family used Masonic symbolism and acted like FBI agents. They were neither.

For their part the fascists can yuck it up with oil company execs who they hope will support them in their next lifetime.

Sharon Tate and her unborn child were murdered along with 3 others at a party on August 8, 1969. William Garretson was the only survivor. The Manson Family women were accused of the crime and, along with Charles, were convicted. Tate was the wife of Roman Polanski, a film director, screen writer and actor. Polanski was a Jew who survived the holocaust after his parents were taken to a concentration camp. He lived in hiding under adoptive care. He went on to make many movies. In 1968 the movie “Rosemary’s Baby” was released. Someone really didn’t like that movie. In 1977 Polanski was arrested for statutory rape involving a 13 year old model. He now lives in Europe.

People adopting socialism with complete disregard for 19th and 20th century history is another odd phenomena. There are people teaching utter nonsense about idealistic forms of socialism. The myth of “good” socialism was how they sold the idea. I’ve had arguments with people who tried to tell me fascists weren’t socialists. Who is rewriting history? Again the left gets demonized.

So next time someone drives from their town to shoot up a store in a Liberal town don’t start blaming the hippies. Next time some kid shoots up his school don’t blame the left. Those who mess with your heads aren’t really left or right wingers. They don’t care about that peasant stuff. They are out to rule and they play both sides against the middle.