Reincarnation and Monkey Science

Some people who don’t believe in reincarnation, some people don’t and some people know. I’m not going to try to convince you, that’s a personal journey. If you’re reading this I assume you’re at least interested. Some of the people who know don’t want anyone else to, because it gives them immense power over the masses.

The main argument in psychology is one of Nature vs Nurture. The ideas in conflict are about genetics and upbringing. The one side says that genetics are more important in determining a persons mental ability and proclivity toward certain endeavors. They say it also determines the personality of an individual in that ability to function in society is a learned process. The other side of the argument weighs the upbringing or teaching of the individual by parents and others (teachers, mentors, friends etc) as more important in social development.

Most believe it is a combination of the two. What they fail to realize is we are hypothesizing about people who have lived many times before. A person’s ability to negotiate the maze of society, their personal interests and so forth have been molded over many lifetimes. They bring this with them in their subconscious. They probably don’t remember the occurrences from past lifetimes.

Memory blocks sometimes occur naturally, when one is subject to severe trauma. There is a loss of memory associated with incident. A man who breaks his neck in a motorcycle accident can’t remember anything about sliding along the pavement, he just remembers waking up in the hospital.

Preventing people from remembering past lifetimes is one of the ways the powerful keep an advantage over others. This is accomplished through intentionally induced memory blocks. These are purposefully created traumatic events designed to prevent a soul from remembering experiences before that time.

Some induced memory blocks are systematic. An example is circumcision. The Jews were instructed to do this to their sons on the 8th day after their birth. An extremely traumatic experience for a baby but, they won’t remember it anyway right? That’s the point.

Other induced memory blocks target individuals. Stoning women to death (and rape), ostensibly for adultery in Islam and ancient Judaism is one such targeted act. The torture and burning of “witches” in Christianity is the same. The same guys set all this up but since Jesus saved Mary Magdalene from being stoned so they started burning them instead (probably laughed at the joke while they did it). Killing Christians in the Coliseum is another form of the same strategy as is guillotining enemies of the French “Revolution” in front of the crowds.

In the cases above there are other purposes incorporated. One is to make the victims feel completely helpless which they are. The acts take place in public. This is to program into the subconscious of the observers that resistance against the establishment is hopeless. In the case of stoning observers take part in the killing. This creates not just resistance to, but aggression against, rebellious ideas and those who present them. It entrenches the psychological control they have over society in the subconscious of all involved.

It is important to note the above took place in a religious context. These acts of violent programming were conducted by religious authorities for religious means. In the Coliseum the Christians were being killed in a display to enforce the worship of the emperor as a god. These religions were created, taken over and altered or defined to include these kinds of displays to take place. In this way when they reincarnate they can continue using the same tools for complete control.

Public shows of power through humiliation, sexual and otherwise, are used in re education camps in China. They were used in the Concentration Camps of Nazi Europe and Gulags of the Soviet Union. Marxists abandon the idea of religion (to delete their history) and replace it with psychology. It’s exactly the same psychology that has always been used to control the masses.

Some induced memory blocks target populations. Gassing Jews, where families suffered for 20 minutes or so, accomplishes the same thing. Montezuma sacrificing conquered people on the altar in Tenochtitlan is another. In these cases where did their souls go? The population of Indigenous Americans is estimated at 53.9 million before the arrival of Europeans and at 10 million after. The missing 43 million, reborn into families of European decent. It’s the biggest “Indian School” that ever happened.

The same things are being done to the dead (those between lifetimes) and sleeping, by powerful living people. Some people who are aware can see this going on. It’s exactly the same thing. In fact it’s being done by exactly the same people who created these systems of control. Since so many people are aware of it they hide their influence on it through puppet mastery and through astral possession.

Astral possession is the ability of one person traveling out of body to possess another person who is out of body. This is usually done to hide the perpetrators identity. Observers will see a person committing foul acts as the one possessed, not the person actually committing the act. It traumatizes the victim but also the possessed who has no control over their actions. In a dream state one might experience a similar situation – the inability to move or control one’s movements. This possessor positions themselves behind the possessed. Almost always the possessor is working in conjunction with (or for) a dream weaver and/or puppet master. The perceived reality the subjects are in is created by the dream weaver. The puppet master “directs” the show. A puppet master may also hold the victim helplessly incapacitated.

The people making all this happen to program the dead and sleeping are the same people who have been using these acts through history to accomplish the same goal. They also have set up the religions and the psychology of Marxism for the same ends. The memory blocks are part of the same effort. Their goal? It has allowed them to develop their abilities and held everyone else back. It enables them to play god because of the instilled fear the masses have of them. People will give them what they want without question because of a deep fear they aren’t even aware they carry in their subconscious.

One way this instilled fear manifests is an inability to see the truth or believe the truth when contested by the lies of the “gods.” Another way is aggressive defense of superstitious beliefs and aggression towards those who challenge those beliefs with rebellious ideas. Some people have fear so ingrained they will support and even cheer such atrocities. The reason is they are safer cheering and they can’t admit their fear to themselves (ego) so they have subconsciously suppressed it.

Why do these “masters” need to instill fear on the masses? They are just people, no different than anyone else. They are caught in the same cycle of death and rebirth as the rest of us, they have just figured out how to use it to their advantage.