Big T and Gen Milley

The continuing feud between former president Donald Trump and General Mark Milley is kind of cute (Business Insider). After the election was lost to Joe Biden, Milley dissuaded Trump from striking Iran. Then the general reportedly said that Trump was trying to generate a coup and that he would need the assistance of the military to succeed (CNBC). Trump denies this and said some bad things about Milley. suggesting he should be court martialed (Business and Politics).

Too bad the rest of the military, especially the National Guard commanders near DC, didn’t take Milley’s warning to heart and deploy to the Capitol Riots. The attack on the federal government building quickly overpowered police and security assets. Of course, the NSA got the benefit of getting many QAnon types on film who they can arrest. Better yet they can follow others and find out who their associates are. Neat huh?

Maybe Portland protesters can take a hint. Military contractors were detaining protesters, getting their personal information and letting them go. Take note, it isn’t the politics they are worried about.