The Infrastructure Bill in Danger

In another blatant attempt by Socialist Neo Cons to sabotage the US economy, loyalist Moscow Mitch McConnell wants to prevent raising the debt cap to keep funding the government (Business Insider). The move would also prevent President Joe Biden‘s infrastructure bill from being funded. The bill is designed to help jump start the economy and provide the basic necessities to keep business rolling once things ramp up. The bill is one of two parts to facilitate repairs and improvement to our aging infrastructure and will be financed by increased corporate taxes.

It’s modeled after FDR’s New Deal that pulled the US out of the Great Depression. The same depression that provided the NSDAP with worker support and votes necessary to win a majority in Germany’s government. People blame their government when the economy is bad. Nations who’s economies are hard hit are easy targets for demagogues who promise better times. Ever consider they might have sabotaged the economy themselves for that purpose?

The Democrats have nine days to raise the debt ceiling before it expires. Getting them to work together has proven difficult. This was demonstrated with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin‘s delaying tactics against the For the People Act intended to ensure voting rights to all Americans. The act was presented by the Dems but opposed by the Republicans. Whether he will sabotage Democrats efforts to overcome his buddy McConnell remains to be seen.