Finding Abraham

The Tanakh has been described as the “search for God in history.”

The Tanakh is the collection of Jewish books, mostly historical, referred to by Christians as the Old Testament. It has been rewritten and edited of course. Primarily by the Council of Nicea, formed by Emperor Constantine I and his good buddy Pope Damasus I. The Council decided which books to keep and which to eliminate for the Old and New Testaments. They edited and struck books from the Tanakh to form the Old Testament. This is why the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and excavations of the ancient library in Alexandria (Egypt) are so remarkable.

So who plays god? Is it the same person or group of people? If we consider the idea of people repeating their past life patterns, this endeavor starts to make sense. It also clues us in to why the Jews are hated by certain persons. Why their history is rewritten by the Romans who took over Christianity and again in the Koran.

Did Abraham kill his son Isaac? Versions available during the time of Jesus say he did. The story is significant. Who else killed their sons?

King Herod had three of his sons executed. Herod was appointed king of Israel and Judea by the Roman conquerors and was a puppet king more loyal to the Romans than the Jews or their religion. He was the man who ordered the death of all male children 2 years and younger, and event called the Massacre of the Innocents. It was an attempt to kill Jesus, similar to the attempt by the Pharaoh to kill Moses. The event is viewed by historians as myth; imagine that. His palace guard, the Germani Corporis Custodes, were Germanic tribesmen associated with atrocities against those Jews opposed to Herod’s rule. Herod also executed John the Baptist.

Emperor Constantine I arguably executed his son Crispus, along with his second wife Fausta. All records were ordered expunged and digging the truth of the events was made intentionally difficult. This makes sense when you understand reincarnation. Most people don’t know the first Roman Christian Emperor was guilty of infanticide.

King Ferdinand II of Aragon, ruler during the Spanish Inquisiton, didn’t have any legitimate sons survive. It can not definitively be said he was responsible. He did imprison his daughter Joana I for 50 years after making her out to be mentally unstable. He had several illegitimate children. During the inquisition he ordered forced conversions of Muslims,Jews and those accused of witchcraft to Catholicism. He oversaw the mass murder and torture of the consolidation phase of his conquests.

The King of France complains that I have twice deceived him. “He lies, the fool; I have deceived him ten times and more.”— Ferdinand the Catholic

Karl Marx had no legitimate sons that survived to adulthood. This is attributed to poor living conditions. He may have had an illegitimate son by one of his housekeepers. He referred to one of his daughters, Jennychen, as “Qui Qui, Emperor of China” and another, Laura, as “Kakadou” or “the Hottentot.” Marx was the inventor of the idea of the Jewish Question prominent in Nazi ideology. From his 1844 essay “On the Jewish Question

“What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money. … Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. Money degrades all the gods of man—and turns them into commodities. … The bill of exchange is the real god of the Jew. His god is only an illusory bill of exchange. … The chimerical nationality of the Jew is the nationality of the merchant, of the man of money in general.” —Karl Marx

Also, from a letter written to Socialist Ferdinand LaSalle

“It is now completely clear to me that he, as is proved by his cranial formation and his hair, descends from the Negroes who had joined Moses’ exodus from Egypt, assuming that his mother or grandmother on the paternal side had not interbred with a nigger. Now this union of Judaism and Germanism with a basic Negro substance must produce a peculiar product.” —Karl Marx

Not unexpectedly, Socialism and Communism continued the tradition of persecuting Jews.

Are the Jews the “suffering servants of God” or are the soul harvesting sorcerer Abraham and his cohorts trying to destroy them to erase his past? Just for the fun of it I’ve included two birthcharts.

Ferdinand II of Aragon
Karl Marx

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