Stereotyping the Jews

A friend, Jewish, once explained something to me about prosperity. Her point was that having wealth was a necessity for a society that had been constantly harassed, expelled from their homeland, enslaved, tortured and murdered en masse for at least 3500 years. Attaining wealth allows for escape from persecution. Wealth also buys political clout that can help stave off politicians who might threaten them and their children. Wealth is freedom and safety.

Minorities in the United States have pooled economic efforts to overcome bigotry. One example is the Bank of Italy founded in 1904 in San Francisco to give workers, primarily Italian immigrants, access to credit. Credit allowed some to finance businesses and acquire wealth. Another is the Savings Bank of the Grand Fountain United Order of True Reformers. It was the first Black owned bank. It was difficult for black people to get loans and start a path toward financial independence. Lincoln’s Freedman’s Bank ended up collapsing due to (intentional?) mismanagement. The black community successfully took economics in their own hands, a tradition still seen today.

Wealth helps people pursue their political interests. The rise of capitalism saw the end of Empires. The royalty that had long ruled at their whim now had to compete with industrious and intelligent people who didn’t hold titles. The ability of people to forge their own destinies and to sway the politics of their nations created a new type of equality. Our equality is based in economic competition and only exists because of economic competition. Any other interpretation is naive.

The Marxist deception is; if one party, theirs, is allowed to rule a nation, they will ensure equality and freedom of the people. This has never happened in a Marxist nation. It was never the intent of it’s creators to follow through on that promise. If Socialism and Communism are allowed to overtake the planet we will never see equality or freedom again.

The fraud philosophy of Marx and Engels is designed to enable a new Empire they and their cohorts intend to rule. To maintain it long term they intend to disarm the people of economic freedom that might hinder their planned tyranny. Money can buy political influence, weapons, plane and boat trips, technology, education and other means of resisting dictatorships.

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