A Mild Form of Control

A milder form of control or “handling” people is used by the trained children of Adam (Man) or MFs when directing certain people. They get out of their body, position themselves behind the subject and put their face into the back of his or her head.

If the subject is unaware then he or she won’t know what’s happening. The subject may adopt the thoughts and emotions of the handler, being mentally and emotionally overpowered. This is the intent of the technique. Two MFs manipulating two people can create an argument or a fight. To do this they make themselves feel and think the fraud fight into existence. They become it. Like actors, they create the parts in themselves. The puppets feel their feelings and follow their thoughts. They can lie with pure thought.

Handlers can guide people to each other without them realizing what is happening. Two people might meet without knowing they were directed to each other. A person might avoid a pitfall such as being in a convenience store when it is robbed by being guided out before it happens. Conversely he may be guided into it at the right time to get shot. Generally a benevolent out of body person is referred to as a guide and one that is not necessarily helping is a handler.

With these techniques they can elevate people in their positions at work, or hamper their advancement and possibly cause them to lose their job. An example of the latter would be creating an argument with a boss or customer. They can create friendships and relationships between people. They can make people into enemies.

When the subject is aware of what is happening things are slightly different. If the person is going to cooperate with a handler they will usually be guided to do something wrong. This is called “giving in.” In this way the handler will have leverage on the subject in case they decide to quit cooperating. Each handler is owned in the same way by a Controller. Often these are major crimes committed by the handler. The Controllers rig it so someone else takes the fall. The card can be pulled later and the handler can be arrested if they revolt.

Sometimes the handler requires help. This is when a target is aware but not necessarily cooperative. Another MF pulls the subject’s center to their midsection. When the handler thinks or talks others who know and observe may believe the subject is actually thinking or talking. In this case the handler may think or say racist or homosexual things. Observers will believe the subject is racist or a homosexual. Historically the latter serves to discredit the individual. Today, generally, so does the former.

Other out of body observers may see the handlers face rather than that of the subject. In this case the handler is attempting to take credit for the subjects thoughts and speech. Usually this is when the subject is talking about the handler or their controller. It’s an attempt to rid themselves of the blame the subject is directing at them. It is an attempt to switch places with the subject and eliminate the danger their knowledge poses.

One way to dispel the handler(s) is for the subject to say something racist. This is a type of “dancing” as in dancing with the Devil. The handler may believe the subject is unaware and has been subjected to his racist thoughts sufficiently. Because someone who says something racist today is discredited they are of no more use to the handler. They also pose no danger. Further efforts to use them are a waste, aware or not. There’s only 666 and a lot they wish to accomplish.

Controllers guide their buddies by manipulating the people who can help or hinder them. They guide those they don’t want to attain ability into danger, even death. This serves to eliminate guides and promote handlers. It also serves to put their people into positions of power.

Some people, believing they will be rewarded for their service, can be led to extreme acts resulting in self sacrifice. An example is Jack Ruby, the man who shot Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald never made it to trial as intended. Ruby was promised to be rewarded in his next life. The controllers had to make it appear as such to others who are aware to maintain credibility. Those promises are rarely delivered on in practice. They want to promote their own kind. Other examples are James Earl Ray handled by Fromm and Brenton Harrison Tarrant handler unknown.

Lifting someone to heights in government, the military, law enforcement or a church is often done with someone they can use through leverage. By using former enemies to gain this leverage they remove themselves from suspicion by another layer. The people they lift up are also a buffer against blame. They perform the tasks assigned and will take the fall if things go south.

Lifting someone to actual control of a government, as with a dictator or president, adds another problem. The Controllers do not believe in democracy. Historically they have been supported by cultists who are, or work for, royalty. This gave them protection while young and wealth in adulthood. They don’t like people to be aware of this.

The ability of some Controllers to place a soul into a specific family enables their kind to be born as royalty. Manipulation is then used to get them into the position of ruler. This keeps the royal families believing their interests are being served. But who is really in charge?

One thing that is important to understand, the real boss has never and will never be the guy giving speeches and holding office. That’s too risky.