The Fall of Kabul

President Trump was promising to pull troops out of Afghanistan as early as August of 2019 (NBC News). Trump, friend of Jeffrey Epstein, was installed as president in a sham election in 2016. He was put in office to destroy the image of anti-Neo Con Republicans by being an ass. He was put there by the gods of the Neo Cons. It was a Neo Con, George Bush Jr, that got us into Afghanistan in the first place. To Trump’s credit, he did manage to trip them up a few times.

President Joe Biden, who rode on the coat tails of President Barack Obama, was left to finish the job. He, and the Democrats, will be the ones everyone will blame for the fall of Kabul. The left will also be holding the bag as the world watches women’s rights, lives and virginity being destroyed by the Taliban.

When you think about it, the gods of the Taliban must act an awful lot like the gods of the Neo Cons.

Presidents can make some decisions, the ones that don’t matter. Certain decisions are made for them and they are forced, much like corporate middle management, to take the blame. The ability to paint a pretty picture around those decisions is what we are seeing now.

Just think, a few superstitious fanatical Taliban zombies and there could be a terrorist attack, one that would be blamed on the Democrats and Anti Neo Con Republicans.