Comparing Vietnam & Afghanistan

If we consider the current Controllers age, they were born in the US in the mid to late 40’s, we can see they were fairly young when the Vietnam conflict began. The reincarnated Fromm was only 22 when he guided James Earl Ray during the assassination of Martin Luther King (1968) and his subsequent failed flight to Angola. Fromm (and his cohorts) started calling himself the reincarnation of Erwin Rommel and has ever since. I still can’t get over how funny it was when he was claiming to have been George Washington as well.

The point is, they assisted, but weren’t running the show to commence US involvement in Vietnam. They also were not running the show when Nixon and North Vietnam signed the peace agreement that was supposed to be an “honorable” end to hostilities (VOA News). Different Controllers were playing different acting roles to influence different segments of society as they do now. Some were acting the part of anti war activists, some were playing the role of anti communists supporters of the war. This allows them to control the whole of society. Whomever was guiding them in their youth are probably deceased by now. The lesson they learned was how to turn a war on, use it for anti democratic and other purposes, then turn it off. The Controllers playing god to the leaders of government itself are the key players.

Who were their mentors? They were probably Nazis who were not executed. They may have been imprisoned or escaped entirely. They may have been included in Operation Paperclip and residing in the United States. They may have been traveling from Europe out of body to guide their charges. The US involvement in Vietnam, opposed by President Kennedy, was designed to fail. The US was supposed to be defeated by Marxists. That would, and did, encourage Communists in SE Asia and assist China in dominating the region. The Controllers had JFK killed, which encouraged President Johnson to comply with their desire for a draft. Their cohort Controllers then demonized the government for our involvement in Vietnam.

Fromm, everyone believing he was Rommel, utilized this cover while employed for Aramco. He and his helpers were able to direct Khomeini, Saddam Hussein and Bashir al-Assad while there. Khomeini calling him “The Great Satan” was simply a cover for the fact they were working together. The US invasion of Iraq didn’t happen during the First Gulf War because George Bush Sr was smart. The invasion of Iraq after 9/11 happened because George Bush Jr was guided. It was designed to give Shi’ites, loyal to the Ayatollah, the upper hand in the country. The plan from the beginning was for the US to leave, the latter move was executed by President Trump.

The same is true of Afghanistan. The Taliban, just like Abraham, don’t like the Buddhists ( They are led by the same Controllers. They executed their well learned formula through coercion and control of members of government and propaganda directed at the masses.

Now we see the results of what most people see as the normal execution of efforts to expand democracy. The answer is that it isn’t normal. The US bases in the Philippines were there for almost a century. The US forces in Western Europe during the Cold War have been there for over 70 years. US support of South Korea has been a 71 year and counting commitment. The sham model of US intervention in Vietnam is nothing more than a fools game – propagated by tyrannical Marxist giants.