They Aren’t Going to Destroy Civilization

One of the lies told by the Controllers is they intend to destroy civilization to save the planet from humanity and technology. This story is told to people who might be inclined to help them if they believe this to be their intent. It’s BS.

The Nazis were attempting to take over the world, well, half of the world. The other half was supposed to be taken over by Communists. Then the Marxists could rule the world with the same political duality they have always used. Socialism and Communism would be locked in a fraud eternal war in which mankind would not be able to see beyond. This time they could erase their past by making religion (and it’s associated history) illegal. It didn’t work out; the Socialists lost.

How do I know that was their intent? Because the Great Depression was designed to stimulate not just the Nazi party political victory in Germany, but a similar Socialist revolution in the United States! We also know this by the strategic international placement of their men. We must consider the help they gave them in rising to power. Notice the similarities in the rise to power of Hugo Chavez, Ruholla Khomeini and Adolf Hitler, in particular the time spent in prison or exile. The Controllers’ efforts span more than one lifetime.

Why would the Controllers assist in creating a more powerful Communist dictatorship, stay out of Putin’s way and create a Shi’ite empire to destroy Israel if they intend to destroy all Civilization? They wouldn’t. But they would tell people that to get them to help destroy the United States.

To destroy Democracy in the world it is necessary for them to destroy Democracy in the United States. The rest of the free world would crumble without US support.

To destroy Democracy in the US could mean destroying the nation itself or taking over with a puppet socialist dictator.

If the US became a failed state and fell into some version of an adolescent anarchy fantasy there would be a political power void. As we know from our history classes, this void would be filled. Probably with Chinese or Russian aggression.

You’ll notice both of these scenarios end with a Marxist victory.

The honest answer they have someone, or make it appear as if someone, wants to destroy the nation to save the environment. If environmentalists fall into that belief they are instantly discredited by the rest of society. Acceptance of this ridiculous idea sabotages their own cause. Everything Controllers say and think, every expression on their faces, is intended to influence an audience.

The Controllers want to shorten the lifetimes of the rest of us. This is how they stay dominant and can do things others cannot. They have long lives to practice and painless deaths to enhance memory. They are protected as children by a misled and fanatical wealthy cult. Poison in our food, air and water assist them in this goal.

They don’t want to destroy the technological world, they want to own it and use it to control us.