The Great Psychic Shit Show

What’s the big psychic shit show really about? It doesn’t make sense most of the time. The reason it doesn’t make sense is because we aren’t necessarily the intended audience.

When we die our souls leave our body. It’s the exact same thing as people who figure out how to get out of their bodies or astrally project. Will is a big problem. Another problem is energy. Energy is absorbed by living bodies but can be vampired away (from the living and the dead) by those who know how.

The big difference is the living can go back to their bodies and figure out what happened. They can think things through and process their experiences. The dead cannot. They are stuck on the other side in a vulnerable mental state for an extended period. Reincarnation “wait times” used to last 10 to 15 years. Now the time is 1.5 to 2.5 years. Sometimes it is even shorter. That’s because the birth rate and population rate are high.

The Dead have no power. The living do. The people controlling the dead, and many of the living who are out of body, are alive. Some of those people, the Controllers, use their ability to brainwash the dead. The events witnessed by the dead remain in the subconscious into the next lifetime. By instilling fear and the idea they cannot be defeated; that they are gods, is the goal. You’ll notice similar strategies and happenings by reading the Bible.

That is why whenever the Controllers are fooled or proven wrong they may re-enact the events. The living who are observing, in or out of body, see this as ridiculous. The dead don’t remember, they are in a dreamlike state. The Controllers know their last memory is the one that counts. Another strategy is to immediately “fuck them up.” The controllers and their boys will rape or even just start having sex with people on the other side. This erases everyone’s memory, creates a do over. Also, this is what the dead, and most other people, will remember. They will forget the Controllers got fooled into revealing their hand, or lost a battle.

There is another aspect to this. The Controllers want more dead to brainwash. In particular they want those who are very aware. This is why they killed the first born Jews. Later they turned around and killed the first born Egyptians, and claimed to be the Jewish god when they did it. They would be able to say the Jewish god does that too. They don’t really care if they are Egyptian priests killing Jewish or Egyptian children, they just want to kill and program them. They did the same with those they accused of witchcraft, adultery or of being gay. They did the same to people in gulags and concentration camps. As controllers of psychologists they use electro shock, lobotomies and mind altering drugs on those they label as insane. Probably people they themselves drove insane.

Those people, having been programmed, serve them in their next lifetime. Holocaust victims and others serve them now. They do so proudly, so efficient is this form of mind control. Jimi Hendrix will probably be singing praises to the Controller who guided James Earl Rey to kill Martin Luther King in his next lifetime.