Why Are People Prone to Believe BS?

Why are people so prone to believe the unbelievable? What kind of mentality does it take for people to believe the ridiculous and avoid believing the obvious? Why do people think the Covid vaccines make people sterile or carry a chip to track them? Cellphones and credit cards do a sufficient job of that.

The effectiveness of brainwashing must be tested. The implanted influence is on the subconscious of the subjects. It is done between lifetimes, while they are dead. The way to test is to feed them something unbelievable and see if they believe it. The reason they believe the liar and his helpers is fear. The subjects are not consciously aware of it. Ego will create in them an arrogance about their false beliefs. It is because they cannot admit to themselves they are afraid. From the standpoint of the sorcerer Controllers, people believing something that is obviously incorrect signifies a sufficient level of brainwashing.

The Orthodox Churches do not carry the belief that Mary, mother of Jesus was a virgin. The Catholic Church and most Protestant ones do. For those of us who attended church we probably believe or did believe this to be the case. There is no logical reason we should believe this. Jesus is not diminished because his mom had sex with his father. There is only one logical reason this should be fed to us, that is to see if we have been sufficiently programmed in the time before we were born.

There is more to this. As the show is to make us afraid of certain individuals, people believe their bullshit over the obvious truth. If I were to say they were the force behind the 9/11 attacks and “the government,” Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Masons were not, what would you say? The same guys who created the event blame it on their enemies. There is absolutely no advantage for “the government,” Israel, Saudi Arabia or the Masons to create a terrorist attack. But if you believe it to be the government the Controllers should be able to use it to win political victories. It’s the same thing as the Nazis blaming Germany’s loss in World War I and the effects of the Great Depression on Kaiser Wilhelm and the Jews. It gave the Nazis enough votes to take over the country.

That, ultimately, is the point. The brainwashing is intended to make them the rulers of people’s minds. People are predisposed to believing whatever they are fed by the Controllers and to believe they are somehow bulletproof and not racist white guys.