Superstition Ain’t the Way

Everything the Controller sorcerers do is dependent upon superstition. They are coveted by wealthy and politically connected cultists. These cultists believe the Controllers will do what is in the best interest of the country they are born in. This is a glaring mistake. The Controllers remember their past lives and have their own agenda. They are Marxists who hate Democracy and the US.

What arrogant cultists don’t get is the belief the Controllers will work for them is dogma fed to them by Controllers in the first place. They are allowed to think they are in charge. The reason it sticks is because they were also programmed.

The royalty of nations influenced by Controllers were programmed to marry into their own families. They believed it would keep their lines pure. The truth is inbred people are generally less intelligent, have shorter lifetimes and are easier to control.

The Muslims who think they are talking to one of Allah’s angels don’t necessarily know it’s actually a guy from the US out of his body who hates Arabs. They don’t know the guy was recently raping somebody who is between lifetimes (dead) or that he works with someone who owned Jeffrey Epstein. They think this “angel” is righteous. The guy is actually just some psychic Marxist who puts his pants on one leg at a time.

In the US the same can be said of Christians, Wiccans and Neo Cons. The Wiccans don’t know their psychic leader is a pastor. The Neo Cons don’t get their leader invented Communism. They even convince some of these quasi educated people into thinking Karl Marx was an enlightened soul and that Socialism is a good idea. Telling them to go to hell in such a way they look forward to the trip. Weird thing is it seems to work.

What these examples have in common is superstition. The superstition is based in programming. This programming occurs when people are between lifetimes or asleep. It follows to program people they want to kill them. They want the death to be as traumatic on the soul as possible to plant a block to their memory. This is intended to keep them from remembering their past life. They will end up being loyal followers next time. People who are aware are targeted because they present the greatest threat and will be the most useful once they are brainwashed.

It follows that events creating mass casualties with a painful or stressful death are suspect. As are events that shorten people’s lifetimes facilitated by reincarnated puppet souls.

The key is the events are created in such a way that history hides the Controllers’ involvement. It is made to appear that events happened in some spontaneous way, that there was a “reason” these events took place that doesn’t include psychic manipulation or mass infiltration.