Handling People

Handling people is when an out of body person riding behind a target person who is in body. The Handler leans their head into the person in their body and holds on to their sides or puts their energy arms into the persons actual arms. It is not full possession.

It is much easier to Handle superstitious people. Devout Jews, Christians, Muslims or Satan worshipers are manageable as long as the Handler can speak/think, their language. The religions can be influenced in this manner.

If someone who can see looks at the target they may see the Handler. They sometimes work in conjunction with others who help them stay on, particularly when the target tries to get rid of them. Feeding on the target’s energy helps them stay on. Some of them train at this to try to make it through their time between lifetimes without losing their memory or awareness. Some new quasi religions make mention of this as if it’s a good thing.

The lie is; it’s not the target’s subconscious, it’s another person. The Handler is attempting to control the target’s thoughts by overpowering the target with their own. An unaware target’s mind will often follow the thoughts of the Handler, believing them to be his or her own thoughts. The target must recognize the thoughts to be from another source.

They can also overpower the target with their own emotions. They can affect a persons judgement by infecting them with anger, fear, sadness etc. The target must recognize the emotions they are feeling are not necessarily their own. The dogma they are fed to “follow their feelings” must be recognized as bullshit.

In this way two Handlers can create a fabricated argument between two people. They can guide the two people, say a cop and a black man to meet, seemingly in a random way. They can cause a cop to drive right by a criminal or crime scene and fail to notice.

They can influence body activities, cause the target to misstep for instance. They might cause an auto accident or reaction of the finger holding a weapon on an unarmed black man. The photo of Arcan Cetin on a rampage in a mall one can see a blur or fuzziness directly behind him, he was being Handled. There has been attempts to clean up the image.

Fromm handled James Earl Ray and had him convinced going to Rwanda was a good idea after he assassinated Martin Luther King. He used fabricated thought process, or pure thought lies, to get Ray to go through with the act. The real reason was starting a race war is difficult with a peaceful black man around. The fabricated reason one would have to been able to hear at the time. If one didn’t understand Handling they would attribute the thoughts to the Target rather than the Handler. The reason the Handler leans over the target is to accomplish this.

A target might be be assisted by a Handler, or trained. Caution in jumping to conclusions must be taken. Generally, it is not a good thing. A Handler may be guiding the target. A Handler will say they are a friend of, or guiding, the Target either way. They are supposed to follow rules, and tell people they are benign. In reality they do whatever the hell they like. They can think racist thoughts for instance, so observers think the target is racist. If the Handler is known to be racist guilt by association may be inferred. They may think gay thoughts so the Target appears gay.

They can, and do, program children in this manner. Also they can take in the energy of the child while manipulating their bodies. They can absorb white energy, to appear to observers to be holy, from children. Usually these children are put into the family of a controller to be manipulated, used and kept out of their way in a political sense.

Fromm handled some notables, including Saddam Hussein. Hussein thought invading Kuwait would be a good idea because Fromm was dominating his mind. Fromm did not get his desired invasion of Iraq. He wanted to turn the country over to Shia control, and the control of the Ayatollah. The next time around (2nd Gulf War) he was Handling George Bush Jr and his cohorts were Handling some of the other players in Jr’s administration.

Fromm handled Adolf Hitler in his last lifetime.

The important thing to understand about Hussein is he was aware. He believed he was being guided by a Controller who was on his side. He got used. He was put where he was born because he was aware and guided to take over Iraq. He had experience in politics from his prior lifetime. He was executed rapidly so he couldn’t say too much. Not to the press or interviewers, but to other aware people who might communicate with him on another level.