Consolidation Conundrum

When conquering a nation a conqueror wants to consolidate his control. This is why they have people arrested and executed. They eliminate any remaining elements of the forces they had to defeat to take over. Some of this can be done with war. They also eliminate anyone who helped them take over. This is because these people pose a threat to their continued rule. The Ayatollah Khomeini did this.

There’s only one problem with this strategy. History will remember. Those who understand reincarnation will remember. The Ayatollah will be recognized next time. The souls Khomeini harvested will be programmed to worship someone but not the Ayatollah. The Ayatollah was Handled by Fromm. The latter was employed in Saudi Arabia at the time.

The trick is to Handle the conqueror, for instance Hitler. Then, after the consolidation phase is over and the crimes have been committed, be the guy who defeats him. It’s a scripted method of conquest that allows the Handlers to end up being the “good guys.” having gotten their targets, or MFs, to do the dirty work.

Fromm handled Hitler. The July 20th plot, had it been successful, would have put Fromm in charge of Germany. The country would have surrendered to the allies and Fromm would be the hero who “overthrew” his own puppet. The holocaust (consolidation and soul harvesting) may have ended. No one would have been the wiser.