Analyzing Oklahoma

Yesterday’s new Case Study (#49) brings us to a few questions and an interesting topic. What happened at the Oklahoma City Bombing? This event was overshadowed by the 9/11 attacks and doesn’t get a lot of attention these days. But it is very relevant.

The use of the subject, Timothy McVeigh, fits the MO of the Controllers. He had been a German officer opposed to the holocaust the life before. He pissed them off; and they used him in the next lifetime to do some of their dirty work. They used him in such a way they could destroy him. Quite obviously destroying him in the eyes of those who know about reincarnation and monitor over the lifetimes who is doing what.

McVeigh was certainly appalled by what happened at the Branch Davidian Compound. Appalled because he was aware. He was watching the Controllers at the scene directing the actions of the FBI agents present. He may even have seen the souls of the dead, especially children, being guided away.

The Waco Siege was orchestrated by Controllers using some of their students/subjects who were in the FBI. Those agents were involved in the siege. At the same time other Controllers, using other patsies, were selling the narrative the whole affair was created by the Masons. They have been a standard target of the Controllers from Philip the Fair to the Third Reich.

The real reason for the Siege; the Davidians and David Koresh were warning of an attempt (by Controllers) to start a race war. The warning came about a week before the beating of Rodney King and originated in Oregon. The warnings were sounded in the other realm and also by Randy Weaver and unidentified people in New Mexico.

The FBI agents were working for the Controllers who manifested the beating. They were infiltrators. Prior some of them had been in Somalia and stationed in Washington State. Because the Masons and the government in general were being blamed, the racist narrative used to discredit Weaver and the Cult narrative used to discredit Koresh were promoted. They got to harvest some souls to haul off and program before their rebirth.

McVeigh was Handled by one of the same Controllers or one associated with them. They used him later because they were questioned as to why people where up in arms over Waco. The bombing was carried out to demonize people who had developed anti government sentiment in the aftermath of the Waco Siege. It was played as a way to solve the problem and take the steam out of those who were angry. It was carried out by the exact same Controllers and FBI agents who had access to federal buildings.

Again, the anti Mason narrative was applied by their Controller buddies using their figurehead patsies. Some of the Controllers are acting like they support the government. They commit blatant atrocities and missteps. Their counterparts blame the government. The intent is to build mistrust in the government with the objective of creating a coup, violent or political, that will put them in complete control of the country. The last time they did this they used puppet Adolf Hitler as their figurehead. He was handled by their prime psychic politician/liar.