Marching in Time

One by one Republican Senators have have rallied behind Donald Trump; even one’s that were previously critical of him (MSNBC). It’s as if there were some higher power getting the R’s back to goose stepping in time. This time to Trump’s drumbeat rather than the Neo Cons. The two beats don’t sound the same but they look quite similar.

Trump is the only president to have lost the popular vote by 3 million and win an election. He is also the only president to have lost the popular vote by 7 million and claim to have won. The latter claim encouraged people to participate in the Jan 6 DC Riots with a little help from K Abraham Marx on the other side. The National Guard was late getting out of bed which allowed for more damage and mayhem. That, as intended, made for more news coverage and video surveillance of the idiots who showed up. No doubt the NSA is now monitoring their every move, as well as their friends, and their friends, and so on….

The big lie has got the Democrats sticking their feet in their mouths, as intended. Denying the possibility of election rigging will put egg on their collective face if Trump comes back and wins by, say, negative 4 million votes next time. The Republican Senators blocked HR1 For the People Act with help from their buddy Sen Joe Manchin (D). The act would have, among other things, forced states to comply with minimum electronic security standards for national elections. Hard to rig an election when all the states are doing it right.

Did Trump rig the election in 2016? No, but someone did. One of those same someones is up in Donald’s head directing attention away from it with “The Big Lie” and every feigned expression he makes. The Republican Senators who used to be painfully loyal to Neo Cons are now just as loyal to Trump, and the gumby brain voters are following the leaders of their flock. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…