How Abraham Took Over Egypt

The Jews became monotheists when Moses made a pact with someone he thought was God on the mountain top after having been helped to free his people from Egypt. Moses’ story is the book of Exodus (Shemot), the second in the Tanakh. The first book is Genesis (Bereshit). In the earliest known versions different gods are referred to. God of the mountain, god of the valley, other gods and even the plural term “elohim” have all been translated into different terms intended to imply one god. The story of Abraham, among others, is included in Bereshit.

Abraham took over Egypt. He was beautiful about it.

Abraham is told by someone calling himself “the Lord” to travel to a new land. He tells Abraham he will help those who help him and curse those that curse him. Abraham takes his wife Sarai and his nephew Lot and the souls they had gathered.

Abraham travels to Egypt and lies; claiming Sarai is his sister and has her do the same. The princes take her to their Pharaoh who takes her as one of his wives and makes Abraham filthy rich with a dowry. “The Lord” guy comes and afflicts the Pharaoh and his house so bad they tell Abraham to come and take her away. He leaves Egypt with his wife, herds of cattle, and loaded down with silver and gold.

Genesis chapter 12 (

Remember that when traveling out of body (astral travel) it is difficult to navigate. By having Sarai get taken as a wife by the Pharaoh, the sorcerer calling himself “the Lord” in this story was able to find the royal residence. He impressed upon the Pharoah his power by causing and “affliction.” The ruse between he and Abraham worked to make the latter wealthy by pimping Sarai.

Do we really think God would have done this? Of course not, and we aren’t supposed to; because He didn’t.

From that point forward, the Pharaoh doesn’t mess with Abraham. Terrorism had conquered a kingdom.He even helps Abraham by attacking Soddom (or Sidim) and Gomorrah to help the latter maintain control of the regions between Egypt and Babylon.

Abraham is told by someone calling himself “god” that he should circumcise himself and all the males of his household. He should also circumcise newborns at the age of 8 days. This was to be their covenant and that Abraham would be the father of many nations. Building empires I guess. Abraham had himself, his son Ishmael and all of the men and slaves of his household circumcised.

Genesis chapter 17 (

The purpose of causing a painful (stressful) event in the life of a child is to install a mental memory block. This makes it more difficult for them to remember their past life or the time between lifetimes (death). It is the reason for ritual child abuse, making it more psychologically difficult for someone to achieve awareness. It makes them easier to control.

Do we really think God would demand this? Of course not, and we aren’t supposed to; because He didn’t.

Abraham and Sarah again claim to be brother and sister to a king named Abimelech. Again they get riches and she is returned. According to this story, Abraham claims Sarah is actually his half sister. One calling himself God gives Abimelech a warning not to touch her or he will die. In another dream this one calling himself God (or possibly a different guy calling himself God) tells him Abraham is a prophet. Again it gave the out of body access to the residence of the royalty of a nation (Garer). It gave them the ability to terrorize royalty.

Genesis chapter 20 (

Do we really think God would do this, help Abraham pimp out his wife/sister? Was Abraham lying about his wife being his sister and then covering up his lie by claiming she was his half sister? Was Abraham the soul stealer really a prophet?

Of course not, and we aren’t supposed to.