Climate Legislation Threatened

President Biden’s economic package is being threatened. Joe Manchin (D sort of, WV) is the plant that has the controlling vote. In a tie that’s supposed to go to the VP, Kamala Harris. When you control one democrat in a 50 – 50 senate, she’s no longer a threat.

The problem with climate legislation is that the whole “race war for the environment” thing goes to hell. There is Charles Manson and his “Helter Skelter,” the beating of Rodney King, and possessing cops to shoot unarmed black men over and over. If the government passes meaningful and fruitful climate legislation no one’s going to support the effort.

Of course the real reason for attempting to start a race war is to harvest souls. That is, murder a large number of people and brainwash them between lifetimes. The reason given, and the one history remembers, for these events is dependent upon the times. It’s never the real reason. Abraham and his buddies in Egypt want souls.

If race war for the environment is the line Controllers want to sell, George Bush Jr, Donald Trump and Joe Manchin have been quite useful. Climate change legislation would really screw that up.