Witches at the Stake

Infiltrating societies upper echelons is what Abraham’s 666 Spartans do. They have a way to pick the parents of their fellows. They then guide them to the top. They become politicians, generals, law enforcement heads, priests, doctors and psychologists. People, them, at the top of these different organizations can influence the membership. People don’t even know they are simply believing what these individuals believe. Their minds molded by more powerful minds. The thoughts are reinforced by rhetoric.

What they don’t like is when someone isn’t infected with their thought dogma. Often people who have become aware realize what is happening around them. When this happens they call for an Inquisition (or holocaust or what have you).

When they get women accused of witchcraft in the basement of the church, they rape and torture them. They want the “witches” to know they are the priests. The priests then proclaim the women have confessed. The priests then burn them at the stake. Complete hopelessness is what they want imprinted on the female’s subconscious. Hopelessness they will carry with them to their next lifetime. This ensures they will conform and not fight back in the future.

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