Ruling the World

The world has been ruled by mobs of rapist sorcerers and their Controllers for a long time. The way they get away with it has two elements. The first is they sell their services to the authorities. The second is regular people never fight back.

They spend most of their early days trying to make the authorities believe they are working for them. In the end they will take over anyway. The Controllers have their own agenda. Like when Phil, the Allah of Aramco and his buddies installed the Ayatollah Khomeini. Khoneini subsequently took over Iran. At that time the Controllers, told the Reaganites the Ayatollah could be useful. The Controllers concocted a whole big scheme to transfer money and drugs and etc. They.. I mean the Controllers who came up with the idea.. then sabotaged the whole thing by getting it revealed to the press.

By controlling the royalty they shape society the way they want it. By controlling the priests they shape religion. By letting those people think they are in charge, they hide their hand. By selling their activities as religion, they rape men, women, children and the dead.

It’s not only Western culture with it’s Catholic Priests. The same thing happens in other cultures they have, and to a large extent, still rule. “In Pakistan Muslim Clerics Habitually Rape Kids” (Patheos). That’s because the Controllers created Islam as a way to rewrite the Tanakh, which is largely about them. They also intended to use the religion to destroy Judaism and Christianity, and hence the original versions.

In China the Communists (Marxists) use systematic rape in their “re-education” of the Uighurs. “‘Their goal is to destroy everyone’: Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape.” (BBC). That’s because they created Socialism and Communism. Partly to gain complete control of economics, capitalism and the rise of the middle class destroyed the rule of royalty. And partly to destroy all religious historical references to themselves.

They sow the seeds of sexual predation on the other side with rape observed by the dead. It manifests in people’s next incarnation. People even cheer it on like Romans at the Colosseum.