Managing brainwashed psychic puppets takes a lot of manipulation. Controllers are really good at it. They’ve been doing it for a while.

Their loss of World War II meant many of them were about the same age. They use cult like methods to imprint themselves as father figures on their little troopers. The key is to be older than the brainwashees. If their psychic troopers outlive them too many times they may become powerful enough, or smart enough, to be a problem. Making sure they die, maybe 2 or 3 times for one Controller lifetime helps maintain their dominance.

They don’t do this only to their own little Nazis, see Case Study 33

The primary ones take over any group or movement that shows potential to become influential. They view these as paths to power. They were worshiped as Roman gods and as Yaweh by the Jews. They are worshiped as Satan and demons by wealthy cultists and as god by Christians and Muslims. They take over cults, socialist movements and QAnon. Because of this, when they reincarnate, greedy people who know of them protect them and help them develop their power. These people don’t really know why they help Controllers, but I do.

In 1963 the upcoming Controllers, who mostly committed suicide at the end of WWII, were about the same age as many of their servants, around 17 years old. Many of the puppets had died in the war or had been executed for war crimes. Somewhere, older Controllers were setting things up for the return to power of the now younger ones – this time in the United States. Racism among elites in high echelons helped convince them to get behind the young Controllers.

The wealthy American racists that helped the reincarnated Nazis couldn’t know about their socialist agenda. They hid this by claiming certain of them were different people in their past lifetime. Notably claiming the one that guided James Earl Ray was Erwin Rommel. He wasn’t; it was Friedrich Fromm with some help. It did make him famous and garnered him a large amount of influence. He is the grand manipulator, and as such did not go to Vietnam.

Vietnam was a place where strife was happening. It is much easier to use a pre existing conflict than create one. The only problem was that pesky President JF Kennedy; he didn’t want to send large numbers of ground troops. It turned out to not be a problem thanks to a grassy knoll and Lee Harvey Oswald. The new president, LB Johnson, was much more cooperative and initiated the draft.

In true Controller style they attempted to use the situation they created in efforts to take over and attempts at their coveted new holocaust. They took over groups opposed to the war and used them to create racial strife. All the while the younger Controllers were learning the same tricks and would apply them.

Through the draft they were able to dominate their minions by murdering them. No one gets too suspicious when someone steps on a mine in a war zone. The ones deemed important did not go to the conflict. Controllers have been using wars to harvest souls for a long time.

The key to Vietnam was they didn’t want the United States to win. They are Socialists and Communists and plan to use Marxism for world domination. They made sure the US abandoned the struggle and left the South Vietnamese opposed to Communism to be reprogrammed or killed. There was never an intent to win; US involvement was a way to help them control their servants. Upon rebirth they could be raped and brainwashed into joining up with the Controllers they would call master, or senpai or what have you. They wouldn’t know their childhood horrors were caused by the same “masters” or their cohorts.