Q”not so Anon” Types Assemble in Dallas

Hundreds of QAnon believers showed up in Dallas to await the return of John F Kennedy Jr. The theory is that he would show up, reinstate Trump as president and reveal the deep state (The Hill). Wow.

I’m sure the NSA was there doing video surveillance to identify as many of these people as possible. It’s what they were doing during the Jan 6 protests in DC; same ruse as before. The real deep state’s boy, Fromm, is helping them make a list and check it twice. They are looking for those who are aware.

John F Kennedy Jr is around somewhere. He has reincarnated and is presently about 19 years old. Considering the MO of the Controllers he’s probably in jail or worse. The point of making him crash his plane was to prevent him from running for office. He was 38 years old and the founder of George Magazine.


JFK Jr crashed his plane under suspicious circumstances en route to Martha’s Vineyard. His plane was not immediately reported missing. He was an experienced pilot. It’s possible he was forced to “sleep now” or possessed long enough to crash his plane. Sort of like Princess Di’s chauffeur. Wherever he is he probably doesn’t remember who he was.

Strange things have been happening with the QAnon sites (there are more than one) since it got taken over and or hijacked.