Mass Shooting in Russia and Allah

On September 20, 2021 there was a mass shooting at the Perm State University in the Russian Federation; 6 people were killed and 47 wounded (CBSNews). President for Life Vladimir Putin<< has signed a new law tightening restrictions on gun ownership (Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty).

Mass shootings at schools have a more immediate affect on the laws in Russia than they do in the US. This probably makes the controllers happy. Making sure citizens don’t own weapons in their nation of residence would make them happier, for all their power they are just men. White and wealthy sure, but just men.

Then if we really think about it, what better way to prep a country to live in during the next lifetime? If that were the case they would want to make sure one of their own was running the show when they were born so they would be protected. They would also want to appease that person by making sure their current nation didn’t step on the toes of the next one.

In the case of Vlad Putin it would be handy to be able to play Allah to Muslims. The loss of Bashar al-Assad‘s regime in Syria would threaten the Russian naval base there. The US backed Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) was chipping away at Assad’s hold until ISIL got involved as a third force. Now there is a stalemate in the ongoing Syrian Civil War. It’s as if Allah himself got ISIL involved.