A Race War?

A race war to save the environment by bringing about an end to American society. If you think this is a crazy idea you’re right. There are some people who agree with or have sympathy for this kind of thinking. Let’s ponder this.

First we know that being able to make themselves believe this idea with their big brains will cause gumby brains to follow suit.

Second we must consider the source. The source are controllers who brainwash their enemies from past lifetimes to do their dirty work. Charles Manson, the DC Beltway Snipers are examples. The main controller attempting to sell this worked for BP and Aramco. Making environmentalists out to look racist would tickle some in the oil industry’s funnybone. It would give a right wing government the excuse to arrest liberals for attempting to incite a war.

Suddenly the whole thing begins to appeal to more than just one fringe leftist element. It’s as if the ultimate diplomat is selling trips to hell and everyone is fighting for a place in line to buy a ticket.

Who’s he lying to? Everyone.

What they are trying to do is create a large soul harvesting event. This will create a way for them to program millions of dead souls to worship them in the next lifetime. Last time they acquired about 10 million. The event has to be created in a way that can be sold in the history books of the future. If not believable people will be looking for similar manipulations in future lifetimes. Their gig will be over.

The way to get this event with a race war is to create a state of chaos. They want the government to declare an emergency and martial law. They then expect to be able to round up whomever they like, label them dissidents or criminals, and make them disappear.

Sounds like a crazy idea. It was only last year after a spate of shootings of unarmed black men by police there were protests and riots all across the United States. Whatever possessed them?