Taking Over the World, One Lifetime at a Time

Reincarnation allows for power over others which is why the Abrahamic religions only teach certain members (cults of elites) about it. It is hidden in the Tanahk (Old Testament to Christians). Marxism avoids the problem altogether by making religion illegal. The “we repeat our life patterns” thing is tedious for them.

Think about the Hindu idea of the “gods” determining where and to whom we reincarnate. Then think about the idea that the “gods” are actually just people who know how to do things most aren’t allowed to learn. Now we have a recipe to infiltrate any nation’s government, military and church. This a way to take over any nation that is a monarchy or will allow a dictator to rule.

Marxists planning to take over the world put the souls of trusted psychics (vetted). These are guys that will become aware and be willing to be guided at an earlier than normal age. Call it practice over past lives. This has always been the strategy. They had to be put in their new nations and guided, other Controllers taking up the torch and assisting these men to positions of power in strategic nations.

There are many others but the ones I will point out are three oil producing nations and the nation with a strategic canal.

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