Biden Has a “Phil” Moment

Which also explains the strange smile and the dazed and confused start of his statement. The president said “You know, I’ve adopted the attitude of the great negro at the time, pitcher in the negro leagues,” when referring to Satchel Paige during a Veteran’s Day address (watch it at Breitbart). Whatever possessed him?

Joe is 79 years old, born in 1942. Ok fine and back in them days using the word “Negro” didn’t mean one was racist. But, Biden is an experienced politician and I can’t imagine that he’s used the word in decades. Of course when you have a Phil moment might space out a little. It’s like he’s got up in your head,

He shouldn’t feel too bad, George Bush Jr had Phil moments all the time (The Slate); usually in the form of seemingly sneaky racist jokes disguised as a word fumble. When one is a sociopath, like Phil, one likes to leave hints that one was there. It gives his buddies a chuckle or two.

Nothing tops Donald Trump’s Phil moments. Trump was supposed to make GW (and his Neo Cons) look like a good guy; someone even Dems might want back. If you are one of those Dems you are either too young to remember or so old you forgot what that was about. Trump was overt with his racism and made no excuses for it (You Tube). Phil’s problem with Trump is it backfired, he actually became popular with a fairly large segment of society.

Hell, even Putin has had some Phil moments (You Tube).

We had sympathy for Phil in 68 even though he didn’t really drive a tank, we realized he was a magic man and a white gold wielder in 79. That was before he retired to the Middle East for a while.

Phil wouldn’t touch Obama, we need another black president.


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