The Allah of Aramco

How did Friedrich Fromm, still claiming to have been Rommel, end up with the name the “Allah of Aramco?” In 1979, while working for British Petroleum in the US, he was offered a position in Saudi Arabia. He was a magic man, and it was a good time for him to get out of the country.

While in Saudi Arabia he was able to, with some help, influence some big events. One was the Iranian Revolution. Then President Jimmy Carter was talked into allowing the exiled Ayatollah Khomeini return to Iran from France. Whatever possessed him? Fromm was able to guide the Ayatollah to power. After defeating the Shah he turned his attention to the leaders of other factions involved in the revolution and eliminated them.

The next step was to start a war between Iran and Saddam Husein‘s Iraq. The benefit here was that both countries could trim some unwanted fat from their male populaces. Fromm could pick some souls from the harvest. The Iran-Iraq War lasted until an armistice was signed in 1988. Not a whole lot of territory was gained or lost by either side, just lives.

The main thing was that a new Shi’ite empire was created, one the west could not control. Fromm and his buddies were ecstatic. The next step in Fromm’s plan was to eliminate Hussein so the Shi’ite majority in Iraq could align itself with Khomeini and expand that empire. Getting Hussein to invade Kuwait did not result in his hoped for US invasion of Iraq. That would have to wait a decade.

Karl Marx working for an oil company? You didn’t think he buys into his own bs did you?