Pimp Daddy Abraham

Abraham is an interesting character. According to the Tanakh the god of Canaan told Abraham to cut off his foreskin and those of all his men and male children. In return he would make Abraham the king of the land and would make him very fruitful. He would make him father of many nations. Today Abraham and Moloch, among others, live in Mordor.

Bereshit 17:8And I will give you and your seed after you the land of your sojournings, the entire land of Canaan for an everlasting possession, and I will be to them for a God.

Indeed, three major world religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam are known as the “Abrahamic religions.” It fits; Constantine I, founder of Roman Catholicism, killed his son Crispus. According to Shi’tes the first Caliph, Abu Bakr, caused Mohamed’s daughter Fatimah to miscarry and later die during a confrontation.

I did a piece on navigating when out of body (check it out). It is difficult and there are certain techniques to simplify it. One of those tricks is to follow, or actually attach oneself to, a person who is in their body. This can be done with or without permission, regardless of what anyone tells you.

When Abraham went to Egypt he told his wife Sarah to claim she was his sister not his wife. He claimed this was so the Pharaoh wouldn’t kill him and take her. The Pharaoh took her and gave Abraham flocks, cattle, camels and servants. According to the story “the Lord” or basically Abraham or one of his cohorts then plagued the Pharaoh and told him Sarah was married. The Pharaoh returned her and said “why did you not tell me she was your wife?” .Bereshit 12; 11-20

The ruse worked. Thanks to the Pharaoh, Abraham was now a wealthy man. The Pharaoh and his household were now easy targets for Abraham and his cohorts. The Pharaoh could now be coerced into doing Abraham’s bidding; like burning Sodom and Gomorrah with his army using flaming arrows or brimstone from war machines. Only after the town had be set up to look evil and Abraham acted out a big show to make sure he would take no blame in the event. Bereshit 18;22-33.

Abraham again pimped Sarah in the land of Gerar to a king named Ablimech. Maybe he was broke. The king returned Sarah to Abraham and gave him large amounts of silver. According to the story God healed the women of Gerar because the Lord had made them all sterile. Bereshit 20 note; the first divinity translated as “God” is referred to as al-Halachem. The second divinity translated as “the Lord” is referred to as al-Halem.

Using women is a tradition with Abraham and his buddies. They treat them like cattle and use them as political weapons. An example is Chandra Levy (Case Study 33<<<). She was murdered and programmed. Then she was guided to attend school in the Northwest. She become the lover of Representative Gary Condit (D-CA) who was opposed to the Patriot Act. She was then murdered again and, as a course of the investigation, Condit’s career was destroyed. It was a warning shot across the bow of Congressional members; a virtual Burning of the Reichstag.

Where is Victoria Martens (Case Study 13) now? Probably growing up in WA. Where is Jean Benet Ramsey (Case Study 8) now? Probably in DC having an affair with a politician. Neither one is writing books on feminism or liberal politics.