The Real Deep State

The real deep state is a bunch of fascists that infiltrate the government, military, churches and another group that pretends to be anti-government. The first group does stuff in such a way the government looks guilty and the second group tries to take advantage by spreading misinformation and fomenting a revolution. The goal being a fascist dictatorship. The Third Reich was created in the same fashion.

Their call to action is “it’s the Jews, it’s the Masons, it’s the educated elite, it’s the people in show business, it’s the liberals.” They believe they are superhuman, people are dirt who they may do with as they please and they hate (and fear) democracy. Racism and sexism are their bread and butter and is enforced and encouraged.

The way these guys infiltrate is through reincarnation. The Controllers assist their boys by guiding them up the ladder of the church, government or military they are in. They have done this in different nations throughout history. It is nothing new. They took over Sparta then conquered Athens; eliminating democracy. They took over Rome and turned the Republic into an Empire. They took over Germany and burned the Reichstag (congress).