Extry News Flash

Yesterday morning Fromm (still calling himself Rommel) announced that he was going to start a nuclear war if his son didn’t give into him. This is not the first time. He declared in Northern CA that he wanted to start a “limited nuclear war for the environment,” during the big shit show of CA in 2017.

He and his goons set up the 4th Reich in Iran and expanded it to control Yemeni rebels, Hamas, Iraqi Shia factions and Hezbollah. He also provided nuclear tech with an infiltrator at Los Alamos, sending the information to China simultaneously to throw investigators off the track.

Any nuclear attack they have planned is going to be for the purpose of destroying Israel using Iran which was his original plan anyway. Last night they were attempting to divert attention away from the topic and play it off as a warning. It’s always been their intention to destroy the Jews and, they hope, their writings.

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